10 Steps Guide To Leverage SEO For Lead Generation


One of the two most crucial components of developing an efficient marketing strategy to expand your company is lead generation and the other is SEO.

Lead generation is fostering interest in your company in order to draw qualified prospects that you can then nurture and, ideally, turn into paying customers and devoted brand ambassadors. Without leads, no company can stay in business.

Before we discuss particular tactics, it's important to understand a few fundamental ideas about what is SEO lead generation.

SEO lead generation steps

SEO + Lead Generation = Accelerated Results

Most modern organizations invest time and effort in lead creation and SEO. They are both significant components of a marketing plan when considered separately. However, when intelligently combined, they are more effective than the individual pieces. This is due to the fact that effective SEO aids in more than simply lead creation. It quickens it.

Let us understand better.

An essential component of inbound marketing is SEO. This implies that you get your potential consumers to come to you first rather than presenting your message in front of individuals who haven't asked for it. This enables you to establish yourself as an authority on the subject and encourages others to engage with you further.

59% of B2B marketers think SEO has the biggest impact on lead generation

Yes, inbound strategies like SEO may require a bit more time to reach prospective customers than paid advertising. However, the audience you do get is typically considerably friendlier. This often hastens the conversion of website visitors into leads and those leads into consumers.

Furthermore, SEO is excellent for lead creation since it never stops working. Of course, both social media and paid advertising have a role and may be crucial components of a lead-generating plan. However, SEO doesn't encounter the issues that these methods do.

SEO leads have a close rate of 14.6%

Both require continual reloading, similar to harpoons. While social media posts have a limited "shelf life," Google advertising "burns" money. Lead creation with SEO is more akin to setting up fish traps. What appears in search engine results mostly operates on its own, with the odd maintenance.

Additionally, compared to sponsored methods, SEO lead creation enables you to cast a far larger net. In theory, you could place a bid for the same terms that you want to rank for in SEO. Due to the lengthy processes that consumers really go through before making a purchase, it is, however, hard to measure the return on SEO investment in practice.

The expense per visit is so inexpensive once you start ranking that you can possibly cover topics that are much further up the funnel. You may target larger themes like how to improve your site for lead creation rather than narrower ones like, say, "website chat."

It is improper to tackle lead generation and SEO separately. Instead, they serve as two fundamental pillars that cooperate to benefit your audience and strengthen your business's relationship with them. A comprehensive SEO plan is essential if search engines are the entrances to your leads.

Fundamental Principles Of SEO For Lead Generation

  • It’s all about content

The first thing you need to comprehend is this. And not just any material, but "10X content," which is reliable and entirely dedicated to offering your target audience useful, informative, and pertinent value. A solid content strategy positions your company as an expert in your industry. Through the value you offer over time, this method enables you to establish yourself as a reliable authority on a subject. This raises the possibility that those who find you will turn into leads and then buyers.

Remember: Selling ideas is simpler than selling stuff. You may inform readers about their issues with SEO content, and then you can suggest items that logically relate to those issues.

content type to attract and nurture leads
  • Ascertain your user intent

Search engine algorithms are becoming better at figuring out what people are truly seeking as they grow more sophisticated. This implies that a Google search for your phrase will often show you the kinds of material visitors are looking for.

seo content matching user intent

Google’s deep-learning BERT algorithm affects 10% of search queries

Without a doubt, it is beneficial to consider content ideas before viewing search results. It requires you to be innovative, to give just one example. Undoubtedly, it is crucial to comprehend user intent in order to convert content that fulfils true consumer needs.

  • Driving traffic is not enough 

Focusing on traffic that truly has the ability to convert to leads is essential for effective SEO lead creation. Usually, when users first begin conducting keyword research, they just take the volume and ranking difficulties into account. A "productibility" tag for terms has since been added. This demonstrates how strongly you can highlight the material which will enable you to effectively give some terms more priority than others.

Let's get started with the steps now that you are familiar with the efficacy and fundamentals of SEO lead creation.

Success Driven Steps for SEO-Based Lead Generation

There are several kinds of SEO, so it's crucial to keep that in mind as we get into our six SEO lead creation processes. While you should be knowledgeable about each of them for a well-rounded strategy, we'll be concentrating on "on-page SEO" in this article. This essentially comprises the key components of an effective content strategy. 

phases of seo lead generation

Let's look at them:

1. Pick and organize your topics strategically

It's critical to be clear about the subjects your material will address right away. This enables you to concentrate your content development efforts and approach a subject from a variety of directions. This is crucial because you want viewers to see you discuss the same topic frequently. By doing this, you establish your authority.

Consider the type of content that consumers will require at each level of the funnel before you write a single word. Consider what would be beneficial for them. This will prepare you for the following two actions- Chatbot and Digital Customer Service. Customer service is one of the key duties that aid in addition to being a priority for all organizations. On the other hand, chatbots are a subject that many organizations are curious to learn further about.

You must remember that themes were not randomly chosen. In addition to assisting your readers with their difficulties, you must also serve a reasonable alternative by coordinating the content strategy with subjects that are of particular interest to our audience and relate to our product. This helps you rank well by making it simpler for search engines to grasp the organization of your material. Additionally, it enhances website visitors' user experiences, increasing the likelihood that they will become leads.

2. Conduct extensive keyword research

All content production should begin here. By doing keyword research, you can make sure that the material you produce is both helpful to your audience and in a growing market. By doing this, you increase leads' willingness to become leads and their trust in your organization.

Additionally, keyword research services reveal to you how challenging it is to rank for particular terms and phrases with detailed keyword research. The likelihood that you are producing content that has a genuine probability of ranking for and attracting visitors increases. This is crucial for SEO Demand generation.

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3. Create helpful content for each funnel stage 

It’s time to start making material. As we all know, each website users have different needs. For this, it's crucial to match your content type with the appropriate funnel stage. It addresses each visitor to your site like an individual, offers the value they require, and establishes you as a person they can rely on to help them with their problems.

How does this actually appear? Well, new users are most likely just seeking information. The best option, in this case, would be educational blog postings. A whitepaper detailing your product's features could be more helpful to those who are closer to making a purchase. By creating a relationship with each visitor through customized content, you may eventually persuade them to become a lead.

4. Talk to your customers for content ideas

While conducting keyword research may aid in filling up your content plan, directly approaching your target audience is always a good idea. These are the types of discussions that enable you to understand the interests of your leads and to relate to their difficulties. Making audience-specific content is thus simpler, increasing the likelihood that your audience will convert into a customer. This serves as a fantastic feedback loop for the material you produce.

There are several methods to communicate with your clients, from email list surveys to inquiries made on social media sites. However, in our experience, telephone chats or other direct discussions are indispensable.

5. Conduct a content audit

Despite all its advantages, SEO-based lead creation requires a lot of labour. Fortunately, one of the most effective and efficient methods to improve your SEO lead creation is through a content audit.

You most likely already have a good deal of stuff. This might apply to your website's blog entries, product descriptions, landing pages, sales letters, etc. You may easily amend that material with an audit by going in.

You improve it by making it more pertinent, up to date, and consistent with the keyword search results you're aiming for. Try to reduce excessive bounce rates as well. Considering that the majority of your traffic frequently originates from outdated material, this method is extremely beneficial.

6. Gather Backlink

Even while acquiring backlinks from authoritative websites falls under the category of "off page" tactics, SEO lead creation would be severely hampered without it. Backlinks to your website, often known as "votes of confidence," help your website rank better in search results and increase visitors.

This increases your domain authority throughout time and provides you additional opportunities to capture and nurture leads. This makes getting high rankings for each piece of information you post simpler over time. There are several methods for obtaining backlinks. All of them raise the possibility that others may link back to us, increasing website traffic and simplifying lead creation.

7. Spy on your competitor's analysis

You may pick up a lot from your rivals. You can snoop on the competition to learn what's working, what's performing, and what you need to rank higher them using the correct SEO competitor analysis tools.

Top brands and companies utilize the free competitive analysis tool like Similar Web because of its precision in revealing information about any specific website, app, or platform. You may compare traffic data from several rivals, including the number of unique visitors they receive each month.

Additionally, you can view the top sites they rank for and the sources of their traffic. Keep a close eye on the direction from where the traffic is coming. This may be a nice opportunity if you find that a lot of it comes from social media.

8. Use keywords that turn visitors into leads

There are fundamentally three steps in a sales funnel to take into account: awareness, deliberation, and decision. You must plan content that meets a visitor's needs at each point of their journey and encourages conversion if you want to convert them into a lead.

using right keywords for seo lead generation funnel

Imagine you were searching for a new TV. After gathering sufficient information on TVs and likely making a short list, it's time to start comparing costs and looking for deals and sales. When you are in the awareness stage, you are only looking for information on various TV types and have not yet made any purchases.

You may improve your chances of converting a visitor into a lead, and ultimately a sale, by writing content that contains the appropriate keywords that are relevant to each step of the customer's journey. You can seek assistance from an SEO company in Gandhinagar too. 

9. Content Upgrades: Make It Part of Your ABM Strategy

You'll discover as you start creating more content for your website that certain subjects attract visitors who aren't quite prepared to become paying clients. To generate leads through SEO, informational material of this kind is ideal.

The point of focus for your content should be:

  • Driving occasional visitors to subscribe to your email list.
  • Building up relationships with your visitors.
  • Earning their trust

You may provide supplemental material that expands on the themes covered in your most read blog pieces to convert visitors into leads. These so-called "content updates" can include downloaded checklists, whitepapers, or other materials. To begin developing a connection, you want visitors to provide you with their email addresses.

10. Focus on Website speed

Web page speed has an impact on search engine results. The best user experience is Google's primary objective, and your website's speed plays a huge role in assisting them in achieving that aim. Google will rank your website higher if it reacts to queries more quickly.

website speed report rise socially

Here are a few easy techniques for speeding up websites:

  • Use a reputable web host
  • Make your site mobile-responsive
  • Use TinyPNG for image optimization
  • WP Fastest Cache for script optimization
  • Remove extra scripts and plugins
  • Fix broken links and delete spam comments
  • Optimize your database with WP-Optimize
  • Facilitate caching with WP Total Cache

To check the speed of your website, use software like Pingdom. Based on the recommendations the program gives once you are aware of how your site is functioning, you can continue to decrease load times. 

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SEO Lead Generation - The Forgotten Goal that Converts Better

While most marketers are aware of this and are making an effort to keep up, it may be challenging to remain on top of everything as the industry changes. Every marketer's top focus will always be creating a regular stream of quality leads, even while SEO itself is continually changing. Both techniques of lead pages SEO can gain by breaking down certain barriers and collaborating.

Start by researching user intent for a handful of your most important keywords. See if the outcomes match your expectations, and if not, consider how the material produced by your business may help. Your lead generation campaign might suddenly take on a whole new life with some smart content that is correctly customized for the audience that needs it the most.

Have you begun integrating your lead generation and SEO strategies? Well, it is time now!


The idea behind using SEO for lead creation is straightforward. Write unique, thought-provoking content that focuses on transactional keywords at least twice a week to have a consistent flow of fresh leads. The execution is significantly more challenging. To actually identify those keywords, assess their search intent, and produce excellent content for each one, you need a team of experts from the best digital marketing agency in India.

Utilization of SEO as a technique for lead generation can be done by focusing on two key steps in the procedure:

  • Creates leads directly by bringing inbound traffic to your website
  • Generates leads indirectly by collaborating with other marketing channels

The internet environment is evolving quickly. Without SEO lead generation services, spending time, money, and effort on increasing website traffic is essentially giving your rivals’ businesses away for free. So, it becomes important to opt for a lead-generating company.

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