11 Best Digital Marketing Campaigns of All Time

To run campaigns successfully, it is crucial to identify the right consumers and motivate them to act with the help of local search engine marketing services. Modern tools and developing technology open the door for better digital marketing and the most effective campaigns. Many businesses are actually making an effort to stand apart in the crowded marketplace. Few companies and services are able to quickly get attention thanks to creative internet marketing efforts.

What Is A Digital Marketing Campaign?

A digital marketing campaign is an online marketing strategy used by a business to increase traffic, engagement, sales, or conversions. A digital marketing campaign involves implementing a marketing plan across numerous digital media and giving customers a chance to connect with the product. Not only this, such implementation will help an organization in raising their conversation rate using the social media marketing services.

What Makes A Conventional Campaign Different From A Digital Campaign?

Difference between digital marketing and traditional marketing

In order to draw in the audience, both conventional and digital marketing have undergone a number of inventive adjustments. Modern marketing trends are evolving quickly, and these markets are shifting from traditional to digital marketing.

The main distinction between conventional and digital advertising as specified by the best SEO digital marketing company is the channel that reaches the clients. They use traditional media, such as newspapers, magazines, etc., while talking about the conventional Campaign. However, they use websites, social media platforms, online sources, etc. by taking a quick look at digital marketing initiatives.

The Best Digital Marketing Campaigns Of The Decade

1. Nike

The finest day ever is an inspirational commercial that values and inspires athletes. It symbolizes the development of athletics with Nike as a successful partner. The focus of the advertisement is inclusion and innovation for the future. The primary goal of the advertisement was to persuade viewers that sports had the power to affect change for the better in the future.

Nike's innovative digital marketing tactics propelled the company to become a household name. Nike's current market worth is roughly $28 billion, with digital marketing initiatives dominating. Nike's sales strategy of providing good items for athletes together with unique and imaginative digital marketing advertisements increased sales to a larger percentage.

2. Gillette

A novel and effective marketing effort by Gillette caught the attention of many. Social concerns play a significant part in this plot, filled with a strong message. "The best man can get" was used instead of "The best man can be." The main message of this digital marketing campaign by Proctor & Gamble is that men should behave properly. The advertisement depicts several forms of sexism, male bullying, and harassment. The finest part of the advertisement was when guys stepped up to stop the conduct and intercede.

Gillette bestmencanbe digital marketing campaign result

Looking at the social mentions, it is clear that the advertisement has had a significant impact with the help of PPC management services in India. According to Brand Watch, the advertisement intensified social media discussions and generated an amazing 1.4 million online comments. Twitter tops the charts for impressions in the millions.

3. Mcdonald's

Receiving support from your favorite hamburger uncle is always very amazing. McDonald's started its ‘Mcgraduation’ campaign to provide high school graduates with a little boost. They incorporated subjects like literature, physics, history, and more with their unique flavor of fun and creativity as students were studying for their finals before graduation in 2020.

4. Coca-Cola

Without a doubt, one of Coca-Cola's most notable internet campaigns is ‘Share a Coke. When the Ad was first tested in 2011, sales rose by 7%. Additionally, it generated over 18 million media impressions, had an 870% increase in visits to the Coke Facebook page, and saw a 39% rise in page "likes."

coca cola share a coke digital marketing campaign result

Through a Facebook app, the campaign allowed users to buy custom Coke bottles. In some regions, the labeling was also completely modified so that all Coke products now have unique names. It turns out that people love to share pictures of Coke bottles with their names on the side, thus it has been a huge success on social media. It is one of the most creative digital marketing campaigns that engaged customers while giving them a chance to participate in the brand’s initiative. 

5. Pepsi

PepsiCo was never the same colossus that it is today. The business declared bankruptcy twice in the early years of its existence! Fortunately, they were able to pick themselves up and develop some really remarkable advertisements. However, not every effort had the desired outcome. At the height of the clear soda craze in 1992, Crystal Pepsi debuted. Unfortunately, Pepsi had to remove the item from the shop shelves in 1994. ‍‍While some claim that a lack of public communication caused the failure, others informed that it was due to a change of color of the product.

crystal pepsi

Again, to commemorate its 30th anniversary, Pepsi stated in 2022 that it will bring Crystal Pepsi back with the ‘Learning from failure’ campaign. But the beverage was still unavailable in shops. So, instead, the business requested that consumers tweet a vintage photo as part of a contest. Then, for a chance to win, they were urged to use the hashtags "#ShowUsYour90s" and "#PepsiSweepstakes." ‍‍This is done to engage the target buyers and get them ready for a new launch. All thanks to AdWords remarketing agency to come up with such results!  

6. Dominos’

Despite having a worldwide presence, Domino's understands the value of local marketing for forging individualized connections with customers. It started the "Paving for Pizza" campaign in 2018, which focused on the issue of potholes in US cities. In order for pizzas to "go back home safely," Domino's requested customers to submit their town for a paving grant from the company.

Dominos paving for pizza campaign

In the ad, the pizza aspect is relatively lighthearted. Rather, it touches on a topic that is significant to those who live and work in these cities. This idea marks the campaign's attractiveness. As a result, the campaign received a lot of media attention and online discussion. In its first week, it earned 35,000 natural social media references, according to PRWeek. Due to the campaign's early success, Domino's also increased the budget to cover all 50 states.

7. Dove

Dove, a skincare company, developed a powerful video campaign emphasizing body acceptance and self-esteem. The campaign's objective was to film a video that focused on women's inherent attractiveness and self-assurance. The idea is to concentrate on your target market. Dove has successfully captured the bulk of its audience, which is mostly made up of women. They did this by combining sentimental themes and widespread societal problems. All this has been made possible with the help of on-page optimization services offered by the search engine marketing agency 

‍‍The participants were chosen after a typical casting call where the company sought ladies of all ages and races to convey Dove's idea of "Real Beauty." Finding good, outgoing, talkative individuals who could immediately become friends with someone and could afterward characterize that someone was the objective. The fact was quite appreciated that the brand sparked a potent sense of female emancipation. This propelled a huge surge of online interaction with more than 114 million views.

8. Apple

This one-minute-and-a-half movie demonstrates the strategies employed by artists to continue their creative work in spite of recommendations to stay at home during the ongoing coronavirus epidemic. Viewers adore how quickly the brand responded and turned around this great digital video campaign. Apple replied with a brand-new piece that reflected the COVID-19 problem and nailed the storytelling and emotional notes.

The ‘Creativity goes on’ is a digital marketing campaign that focuses on the effectiveness of minimal content. This Apple advertisement is nothing more complicated than a compilation of different photographs and video clips set to some tender. Moving music, right? But efficient. The strength of a great campaign lies in relevancy, narrative, and evoking an emotional reaction, much like every other digital marketing campaign we've covered so far.

9. GoPro

GoPro is renowned for its distinct point-of-view action video, all captured through a tiny camera lens. GoPro consistently and continuously updates its internet platforms with new content initiatives. The ‘Awards’ campaign was built around a hashtag competition that urged participants to share their BEST video footage. The GoPro brand benefits greatly from the fact that they don't require a significant budget to produce content because it is all produced by its consumers and products. 

Every day, more than 6,000 GoPro movies are posted on social media, increasing both brand recognition and continued engagement. Thus, they focused on utilizing stuff that users have created. They believe that utilizing content created by your own audience is a gold mine for interaction without the requirement for such a big marketing investment! Successful digital marketing campaigns focus on Customer postings, photographs, and videos are effective forms of content that may be shared online indefinitely. You can run a contest, create your own custom hashtags, or both to raise brand recognition among your target market.

10. Heineken

Heineken, a beer company, took a different tack with their internet campaign, #openyourworld. When people engaged in a social experiment to debate topics like feminism, global warming, and transgenderism while drinking Heineken, the brand took advantage of political tensions that were popular at the time. The video became viral, garnering over 17.7 million views, 138,000 shares, 324,000+ interactions on Facebook, and 625+ web publications.

The ‘Worlds Apart’ campaign is one of the most successful digital marketing campaigns that target societal concerns. The company emphasized getting an audience's psychological and emotional response. This makes it the most successful marketing tactic firms can use, exploiting popular and pressing topics to strengthen emotional ties with Ads.

11. Tesco

Tesco is another well-known company that has centered its marketing efforts on the coronavirus outbreak. Tesco wanted to emphasize the importance of still sharing meals online with our loved ones while being apart as we stayed at home during a nationwide lockdown. This is why they came up with the ‘Food Love Dedications’ Campaign. It is a known fact that every company cannot run Ads on this scale. But it is quite intriguing to see the brand's constant efforts to keep its advertisements current and pertinent by basing them on current affairs with such an interesting digital marketing campaign.

Tesco digital marketing campaign

 The campaign comes with a message of keeping campaigns fresh and pertinent. You might not be able to react as quickly or have the same amount of money available for the creation of this kind of campaign. However, while developing social media, advertising, and/or video campaigns, it's crucial to make sure the material is pertinent to your intended audience.

Closing Thoughts

The first question that you must ask before beginning to plan your company's digital campaigns is: What do I want my business to achieve? You usually can choose between two options. Firstly, you can build brand awareness by creating a piece of content that is incredibly engaging and shareable. Secondly, you can build brand loyalty by using user-generated content as a focal point. Remember to mark this as your starting point and let your creativity guide you from there to come up with a worthy marketing campaign. 


A basic digital marketing strategy can and should be built around the main aspects of an online presence, beginning with the five marketing pillars of website, SEO, social media, content, and Ads.

Word-of-mouth advertising proves to be the most effective. It possesses the desired characteristics of strong integrity, high audience attention levels, and comforting audience reception.

“A Diamond Is Forever” – De Beers.

This simple slogan was introduced by De Beers in 1947 and is still in use today, creating it one of the longest-running ad campaigns of all time. Frances Gerety of the Philadelphia advertising agency NW Ayer created the slogan “A Diamond Is Forever.”

It permits you to have a better understanding and knowledge of your market share.

You could easily underestimate your digital services demand if you don’t have a clear strategy. Furthermore, you are unlikely to fully comprehend the dynamics of the online marketplace, including customer behaviours, competitors, and customer profiles.

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