11 Key Tactics that Pros Use for Backlink Opportunities

Top 11 Methods To Find Backlink Opportunities

Would you like to increase the number of links pointing to your website? 

Did you know? Your search engine rankings will improve as a result of easy backlinks.

One of the key search ranking variables for Google is the number of indexed backlinks. Your chances of ranking higher are increased by obtaining more high-quality backlinks to your web pages.

This article will demonstrate how to obtain backlinks utilizing quick and easy techniques that everyone may use. But before we dive into that section, let us first understand the concept of backlinks in greater detail.

Build Connections using the Backlinks!

Backlinks are connections from one website to another. They go by the names of external links and inbound links, respectively.

Let's imagine that a website XYZ links to your website from one of its posts. Your website will benefit from the backlink from site XYZ, each time a visitor of that site clicks on it.

But what makes Backlinks significant?

Well, Backlinks are very important for SEO (search engine optimization). They express their support for your website and its contents. According to OptinMonster, sites having the most backlinks, typically rank better on Google.

Backlinks benefits

The prime reasons which mark the importance of backlinks to grow your business are:


Google and other search engines view backlinks as endorsements. In general, the more votes your web pages receive, the more probable it is that they will rank for pertinent search terms. You will outperform many firms if you can quickly increase the number of your backlinks.

You have the chance to obtain a competitive advantage because just 55.24 percent of pages have any backlinks.


Search engines locate new information by returning to previously visited pages and looking for fresh links. If you receive backlinks from popular pages, the search engines may find your material more quickly since they revisit popular pages more frequently than unpopular ones.

Traffic via referrals: 

Did you know that 91% of all pages never receive any organic traffic from Google?

This is mostly because they lack backlinks. Links that point to relevant sites are known as backlinks.

reffering domains

In a nutshell, a large number of websites referring back to your website gives the search engines the impression that your material is valuable and link-worthy. In exchange, the search engine will raise the ranks and visibility of your website in the search results.

Are all Backlinks Valuable?

All Backlinks are not created equally.

In other words, you need to prioritize high-quality backlinks if you want to rank better in the SERPs. Or, to put it another way, one high-quality backlink has a greater impact than a thousand low-quality ones.

It turns out that there are certain common characteristics among high-quality backlinks.

Trait 1: Originate From Reliable, Credible Websites

Which would you prefer: a backlink from Harvard or one from just any guy's website?

domain authority check result by moz

It turns out that Google shares this sentiment. This idea is referred to as "Domain Authority." In essence, a site's authority determines how much authority it may transfer to your site (via a link). 

Trait 2: Utilize Target Keyword in the Link’s Anchor Text 

As a refresher, anchor text is the portion of a link that is visible text. Generally speaking, you must want your links' anchor text to contain your target term. The association between keyword-rich anchor text and better ranks for that term was really discovered in recent industry research.

However, you must remember that you don't want to use keyword-rich anchor text excessively. In reality, Google's algorithm includes a filter known as "Google Penguin." Black hat link-building techniques are blocked by Google Penguin. And it pays particular attention to websites that create backlinks using exact match anchor text.

Trait 3: Website Linking = Pertinent to your Website

Google wants to know that two websites are connected when one connects to another. When you consider it, the following makes sense. Consider that you recently wrote an article about marathon running. Then, compared to websites on fishing, unicycles, and digital marketing, Google will give links from websites about marathons, running, and fitness.

Trait 4: Benefit of "Dofollow" Link 

Links with the "nofollow" tag added are ignored by Google and other search engines. Fortunately, "dofollow" connections make up the great majority of online links. 

Additionally, the majority of links with the nofollow tag aren't particularly valuable, to begin with. For instance, these best backlink sources typically have nofollow links:

  • Press releases 
  • Blog comments
  • Sponsored Advertisements

Even if these links are nofollow, it doesn't really matter because they aren't really beneficial for backlinks SEO strategy.

Trait 5: Unlinked Domain Link

The value of connections coming from the same domain decreases with time. To put it another way, getting 100 connections from 100 distinct websites is often preferable to receiving 1,000 links from a single website.

In fact, the number of websites connecting to you—not the overall number of backlinks—correlates with Google results more than any other indicator, according to our analysis of the correlation between search engine rankings.

Top Methods to Find Backlink Opportunities

You may now assess how you are performing after you check your website backlinks with a backlinks analyzer like BacklinkGap. Increasing the number of backlinks to your website is essential, regardless of how well you are doing or where you need to improve. Then how do you do it? Here are the top ideas which you can utilize to increase the number of backlinks:

Build Internal Links

Building internal links is essential to the success of a website. They transmit link juice, which enhances the user experience and makes it easier for users to browse your website.

Find useful ways to link one blog to another, for instance, if you frequently publish blog material. Try linking to one of your earlier blog entries that describes SEO if your most recent piece discusses the advantages of SEO.

Use Better Infographics

Infographics use graphics, photos, and charts to visually communicate facts and information. They aid in giving a brief summary of the subject and simplify complicated ideas into clear, understandable pictures. 

You can seek the help of Whitehat link-building services in India to produce interesting and useful infographics. They could use your visual design in their blogs and credit you as the infographic's original author with a backlink. You can also make it yourself utilizing a variety of free web programs.

ways to increase backlinks

Get Your Content Seen 

Allow the links to find you using content marketing. If you don't market your material, you lose out on prospects for backlinks. Spread the word about your greatest articles through newsletters and social media sharing.

Make sure the material you create for this kind of backlink strategy is of the same calibre as the information you would use on your own website. Even if the content isn't published on your website, if it has your link, you will still be associated with it in some manner.

As a result, you must make sure your material is intelligent and of high quality. After all, high-quality material contains the best backlink services. The more traffic and interaction your content receives, the more advantage it will provide.

Be a Guest Blogger

Different SEOs have differing views on guest posting and for good reason. Posting on low-quality websites that just exist to provide low-quality material might make the backlink approach appear spammy. However, showcasing your business knowledge on authoritative websites is a terrific strategy to maintain your brand top-of-mind with clients and create backlinks to various content pieces.

This strategy's drawback is that it takes a lot of work to get results. You must locate possible guest blogging possibilities, contact those websites, approach the editor or blogger in charge with your ideas, produce the article, and oversee the process until publication. Even though the procedure could need several stages, it might help your website obtain competitive backlinks from authoritative blogs and editorial websites.

Look for Broken Links

The broken link-building strategy involves identifying broken links on websites, getting in touch with the editor to inform them about the broken link, and providing your material as a resource to link to in its place.

This well-known tactic is alerting websites to broken links on their pages and urging them to replace them with links to your website. They'll be appreciative that you discovered their faulty link, and there's a good chance they'll accept your offer to replace it. Finding broken connections using this approach can be time-consuming, despite its potential effectiveness.

Spy on Your Competitors

Ever wonder where your rivals' backlinks originate? What content does the company publish, and what is their organic strategy? You should be aware of what others are doing if you want to keep current with what's occurring in the field. You may legitimately eavesdrop on your rivals to learn about their backlinking strategies, organic keyword strategies, best-performing content strategies, social media strategies, and more.

Backlink analytics report by semrush


  • Use SEO tools like Semrush to seek backlinks. Any website you input has a comprehensive backlink profile available. 
  • Go to Backlink Analytics on the left side of SEMrush and type the domain of your rival to check the backlinks.
  • Click Check it now. Select Backlinks next to get a list of websites from which your website has links.

You can use these resources to obtain a backlink for your website. Additionally, if they have a link from a forum, you can set up a profile there and attempt to obtain a backlink. You may utilize Google Alerts and other strategies to keep one step ahead of your rivals, such as joining up for their email newsletters. As a result, you are informed right away if they post new content or are mentioned on another website.

Backlink Gap Analysis 

Backlink gap analysis

A virtuous cycle is created and maintained by high-quality, abundant backlinks from reputable referring domains. It enhances the overall traffic volume to boost your SEO score. It also consists of higher-quality prospects who might be more likely to interact with and value your content than other incoming traffic. This further raises the domain authority of your website.

backlink gap analysis results

Conducting a backlink gap study for your website is not a one-time task or only a question of running reports. The analysis marks the beginning of ongoing care and consideration for your backlinks. To remain competitive, you must consistently take action. A part of your complete, long-term plan for creating and preserving thought leadership, relevance, and authority.

The Skyscraper Technique:

You may also build a skyscraper content piece to obtain backlinks. These are in-depth, incredibly thorough instructions on well-known subjects that may be 10,000 words or longer. The goal of skyscraper content is to create a piece that is superior to the competition by thoroughly covering all facets of the subject. As a result, you might get lots of backlinks to your content from other websites.

You might start by simply conducting a Google search for a subject related to your speciality. Then pay great attention to the results since these are the pages that attracted numerous backlinks and appeared on Google's first page. Once your material for your skyscraper is complete, it's time for the most crucial step: marketing. There are several approaches you might take to advertising it:

  • You can start by contacting each of the persons, organizations, tools, and sources that you referenced in your article.
  • Finding websites that have previously backlinked to other posts and offering your material as a superior substitute is another method of advertising your post.
  • After that, contact these websites using the list to provide your article about skyscrapers. Tell them why your content is superior to theirs and implore them to link to it.
  • Create Quality Content – Link-Worthy Sites 

By producing excellent content, you may achieve backlinks in one of the simplest methods possible. Your objective should be to provide material that other bloggers and professionals in the field may utilize and connect to your website.

This tactic could take a lot of work, but if you can master it, it will be worthwhile. You may develop a variety of content kinds. You may publish list pieces, quizzes, how-to articles, and tutorials.

If you have a fashion blog, for instance, you might write a how-to article on how to manage a fashion company with a budget of just $100. Another option is to compile a list of 50 fashion trends that will change society.

Collaboration With Influencers

Often when the brand has a sizable following, the influencers are willing to share anything that mentions them with their followers. So, collaborate with influential thinkers in your field. Here are a few techniques to use:

  • Make podcasts/expert interviews and expert roundups.
  • Mention their words in your own article, along with your own thoughts.
  • Make a study together.

As soon as you publish such content on your site, the expert will probably share it, giving you fantastic exposure. And as a result, you'll receive many shares and backlinks.

Write Testimonials

Both large and small businesses like displaying positive client feedback. Consider emailing them a testimonial if you're utilizing a product or service that you love. Even without you having to ask, they frequently add a link to your site to demonstrate that you are a real person.

Hire digital marketer CTA

Wrapping Up!

It is sensible to start any link-building plan by seeking fresh possibilities to connect to other websites from your own. Although building backlinks to your website may be a numbers game, the right strategies might tip the odds in your favor.   

Before searching the web for potential new connecting partners, it is important for sites to analyze their current data for insights. It is crucial to include this in your SEO strategy in order to maintain success and increase authority signals. You can use our finest link-building techniques to increase your chances of obtaining the backlinks your website needs to develop and outperform the competition.


There are two approaches to examining the backlink profiles of your rivals and identifying chances for backlinks:

  • identifying the most valuable backlinks of a particular rival
  • examining the finest keyword-based backlink opportunities

A fairly common backlinking technique is guest posting. In fact, 75% of SEO experts use guest articles to create backlinks. Guest articles have the advantage of not only generating backlinks but also enhancing your reputation as an authority in a certain area.

A new link takes a few days to be indexed. According to the findings, it takes an average of 10 weeks for one backlink to raise a page’s Google page rank. You have a greater probability of outranking rival pages at an exponential pace if you’re fortunate enough to get numerous links at once.

When it comes down to it, backlinks are of two types: dofollow and nofollow. A web page reader won’t be able to tell the difference between a backlink that is dofollow and one that is nofollow. The source code is where the difference lies.

The difficulty ranking increases more slowly than the number of backlinks required. For instance, you most likely need roughly 10 backlinks to rank for a term with a difficulty score of 10. To rank, though, you could need 100 backlinks if the difficulty is 50.

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