11 Top Marketing Secrets to Enter Your Customer’s Heart & Mind

Marketing secrets to attract customers

As we all know "Customer is King" these days. 

So, marketers who champion the customer experience have a golden chance to make their mark in the boardroom by enhancing their brand's bottom line.

The best marketing strategies of all time focus on the basics of human behavior. After all, no amount of digital marketing can save your business if you don't understand the psychology of your potential customers.

Digital marketing is the most crucial aspect of growing a business—and if you're looking for truly effective marketing strategies, there are two things you should know:

  • “What” are the best marketing strategies; and,
  • "How" are these marketing strategies most effective?

In this blog post, we have listed successful marketing strategies that famous brands have used to understand what consumers want from brands to improve their bottom line. These marketing tactics really just speak to the basics of good close connections, and factor in the latest tech aids for marketing your brand.

Effective marketers know how to use techniques to connect and convert prospects — but the finest marketers of all time set the basis for the approaches and successes of marketers today.

Some marketers, such as Steve Jobs, have fundamentally transformed the world as we know it. Others, like Frederick the Great, have inspired how we understand consumer behavior today. It's favorable to stay ahead of the tips and advice of the cleverest marketing minds of our time — additionally, it's crucial to know where these tactics originated.

Let's take a deep dive into the marketing secrets to know what consumers want from brands:

1. Real Recommendations From Real People

To engage with customers truly, the companies must meet them on their chosen communication platforms and produce content that features the brand's own employees prominently. But without a solid social base, businesses cannot communicate their employees' stories. Thus, brands must be mindful of the quality and regularity of their content. Customers specifically want content that gives a brand a face when it otherwise would not, and they want the businesses' owners to be the ones sharing it.

how employee can make consumer feel more connected

Consumers are becoming more and more curious about the people who work for their favorite companies. For instance, 

70% of customers feel more like a part of a business when the CEO is engaged on social media.

Almost two-thirds (65%) of the respondents said it seemed like real people ran the company when the CEO routinely used social media. People also want to hear directly from the staff members who work day and night to keep businesses functioning. Consumers claim to feel a connection to companies when staff members post information about the company online in 72% of cases.

Customers might not be as excited to see a brand-sponsored thread about the launch of a new product in their newsfeed. But they may prefer to hear from a friend who is equally excited about the launch or describes their own contribution to making it possible. In addition to increasing brand visibility, encouraging workers to tweet about their employers may make announcements and brand messages more engaging and relatable for customers.

2. Focus On your Customer’s Wants And Needs

Brands must learn to communicate in the same language as their target market in order to engage with customers. But listening is the first step to comprehending. And if brands don't pay attention, customers will see that they aren't communicating with them effectively and will be quick to part ways with top consumer brands.

why you needs to become more customer centric

What stuff customers value most at this time can be discovered by listening. In order to locate hot discussion topics that resonate with their customers, brands may spot and capitalize on emerging trends in their sector or product category and significant moments in pop culture or topical news items. 44% of customers would feel more connected to companies if they created, participated in, or even hosted meaningful online dialogues. 40% of people say they have a better connection to brands when they post information that focuses on the most recent developments in their sector.

define better strategy with analyzing what your customer wants

Also, marketers should establish exclusive Facebook groups like those run by Peloton according to 41% of customers. By bringing people together and providing brands with a wealth of ideas and feedback, these groups serve a dual function. Customers who join private groups get the information they desire from and about their favourite brands, while businesses may deepen customer connections and learn more about what their ardent fans want from them.

3. Strive For A Balance Between Online Content Marketing Campaigns & Results 

The key to success on social media and other digital marketing platforms is creating the greatest content you can. Even if you believe you already produce some killer content, it doesn't hurt to see what your rivals are up to. Examine the different content types that they publish and note which ones seem to be most popular with their own audience. You might use this as inspiration for your own material.

Consider observing their brand voice while you observe their content marketing. If you consistently write blogs, articles, and other forms of communication as part of your content marketing plan, you should have a sizable library of older writings, including many undiscovered content nuggets. You can also follow the lead of B2C marketers and repurpose and reuse that content in various ways and across many channels. A single piece of information can evolve into several blog entries, and those blog pieces can be transformed into different social media updates.

4. Explore Your Influencers

Influencer marketing was originally thought to be a passing fad in marketing, but it is now a timeless strategy that all companies should take into account.

what customers think on influencer marketing

As the current wave of influencer marketing focuses more on micro-influencers than on influencers with the biggest following, it is appropriate for companies of all sizes. More than 56% of marketers that use influencer marketing collaborate with these individuals because they have the greatest influence and relevance in their field.

customer focus vs customer obsession

As a consequence, you won't require a sizable expenditure to secure the hottest influencer for your upcoming collaboration. Instead, seek out micro-influencers that are most dependable, trustworthy, and capable of motivating their followers to make a purchase. According to HubSpot Blog Research, 46% of marketers who already use influencer marketing say they will raise their spending in 2022, and 57% of those who do so feel that it is a very effective strategy to be implemented.

5. Don’t Be Afraid To Have Some Fun! 

Being brave and taking risks while not being reckless is what it means to be fearless. It entails experimenting with new digital marketing tools or techniques when the power players are still squabbling over the right to even start a Twitter or any other account. 

What type of content create engagement

One such powerful tool for any marketer to add a fun factor is storytelling. It has the capacity to enhance conversion rates by up to 400%. While it can be difficult to quantify, there's no denying that storytelling can be an effective way to market your company and attract a loyal following.

To do that, one can implement these five essential tips for business storytelling using digital marketing company services:

  • Establish the parameters (who, what, when, where).
  • Be completely genuine.
  • Ascertain the outcome.
  • Maintain consistency.
  • Allow customers to participate in the story.

It's your job to connect your product to your brand's story. Why? People enjoy content with which they can identify. Make your buyer persona the protagonist, and their problems the plot. This will assist customers in visualizing themselves as your customer.

6. Generate Demand Via Relevant & Interesting Content 

Do your customers have a problem that your competitors have yet to solve? You could help them out under the guidance of a social media marketing company in India! This could be a one-of-a-kind product offering. On social media, this could simply mean sharing more useful, helpful content with your target audience than your competitor is currently doing.

engaging content types

In fact, this is frequently why smaller influencers are able to engage their audiences on social media more effectively than large brands. They provide the authenticity and helpfulness that big brands frequently lack. Customers prefer this as their unique selling point (USP).

Your task is to spot such a gap and replace it with a USP before your customer becomes conscious of it, and you may be able to build your own brand of dedicated and loyal social media followers. You can also opt for a fresh approach to enhance the buying and selling process by following the traditional method of treating customers like a number. Try something new, even if it makes your company's bosses a bit nervous, and show some humanity.

strive a brand on social media

Therefore, steal the customers by outperforming your competitors with the help of an experienced SEO and digital marketing company. This can be accomplished by providing better products and services than your competitors and making your social media more interesting, engaging, and useful than theirs.

7. Wary Of Ads, Banners, And Paid Search Results

Users usually expect those websites that are simple to use with a sequential listing of the goods and services that makes the sense right away. They don't want any additional clicks, red tape, or headaches that larger businesses mostly add to the process. By keeping things straightforward, you can concentrate on your core customer expectation and make sure they like doing business with you. 

Your company may even see a rise in revenue if you make the purchasing procedure as simple as feasible. If you can't make the process as simple as clicking a button, think about including comparisons and assessment templates that take customers directly from the research to the purchase phase without the need for drawn-out sales calls or demos. When buyers can conduct the majority of their research online from the comfort of wherever they are, they are more likely to enjoy the process and act.

8. Sell A Solution, Not A Product

You've probably heard of solution selling - it might even be your preferred marketing strategy.

Traditionally, brands have used a product-based approach in their marketing techniques, demonstrating how their products differ from others or are less expensive. However, consumers are more concerned with investing in high-value products that provide a specific experience or solve a particular problem.

Sell Solution not problems

Simply asking your ideal customer about the problems your products solve is the most effective way to learn about them. After you've identified your customer, contact them and inquire about their pain points with the help of a search engine optimization company. Solution-based selling prioritizes listening to your customer before telling them what they need, allowing you to sell to them based on the unique aspects of your product.

Once you've identified the issues your client is experiencing, you can determine how your product will meet their needs. Instead of concentrating on the attributes of your product, tell customers how it solves their problems.

9. Balance Self-Promotional & Relevant Information 

Prior to the Internet, business owners had few options for promoting their products and services if they had a small or limited marketing budget. However, you can now promote yourself and your business very effectively and affordably. In fact, promoting your business is regarded as a fundamental strategy for getting your message out to the public.

why customer service is important

But the question is whether you should promote yourself or not.

Undoubtedly, tasteful self-promotion can be beneficial to your brand. It can even be a nice finishing touch. But did you know that excessive self-promotion can harm your brand?

According to research, engaging in too many self-promotional activities will result in a nearly 50% drop in customer trust.

So, what are your options here? You can begin by informing customers. Don't just tell them how wonderful you are. Tell them everything there is to know about the product and services and any nuances. When you publish valuable and informative information, your audience begins to form bonds with you and connect with you on a deeper level. And this is how you gradually build a solid and loyal customer base that adds to your brand equity.

The Rule of Thirds states that there should be a perfectly balanced approach to splitting up your social media posts. It works as follows:

  • Three-quarters of your updates are about you and your content.
  • Three-quarters of your updates are for sharing other people's content and surfacing ideas.
  • Three-quarters of your updates are for building your brand based on personal interactions. 

10. Building Trust Is Key To Success

Today's marketing isn't about getting a product in front of a consumer's eyes. It isn't even about attempting to sell the product to customers. It's all about being genuine in your marketing and sales without sounding salesy. It's a fine line to walk, and the most successful companies excel at it.

The entire process depends on a brand's ability to leverage its customers' trust. Without that critical component, the company's digital marketing efforts may be for nought.

To create an environment in which a consumer can trust a business, the company must develop a relationship with them. However, no consumers are waiting for a company to develop a long-term relationship with them.

Understanding how consumers perceive trust and leveraging this knowledge to create better customer experiences and interactions is required for building trust in digital marketing. Brands can even strive to become experts in a specific field. By presenting this information in a simple, easy-to-understand format, the company can establish credibility and encourage customers to view them as a reliable source of information.

11. Create Viral Digital Marketing Campaigns

The digital experience has completely transformed our lives, but capturing the attention of digital customers everywhere is both difficult and necessary. What you might not know is where to begin. There are an infinite number of digital campaigns, pushes, and efforts that are made by the Google PPC advertising agency to capture an audience, but deciding which path to take may be difficult.

viral marketing example tide

One such exciting path to follow is the creation of viral digital marketing campaigns. A viral marketing campaign is a marketing campaign that goes viral. Unfortunately, there is no A+B+C formula for making viral marketing efforts pay off, and the exact cause is often unknown until the virality kicks in. But still, many marketers wish for a campaign to go viral, which means that it is widely recognized, accepted, and influential.

Many people believe that creating viral digital marketing campaigns with amazing content requires thousands of dollars and a lot of time and luck. But with platforms such as Facebook and YouTube, sharing videos, images, and stories with thousands and millions of people, can happen in minutes.

You can look at what has worked in the past and try to replicate it. But ultimately, it is about creating great content that connects with your audience and inspires them to share it. If you do this, you might find that your brand is the one that everyone is talking about.

digital marketing services cta

Wrapping Up!

In recent years, how you treat your customers has become more than just a business consideration. The customer is now seen as the very heart of many businesses' plans and activities. They have begun to change their digital marketing strategies in order to adapt to this new, customer-centric approach, which appears to be yielding positive results.

It's all about the customer experience with customer-centricity, starting with the first time they interact with your brand. According to some studies, customer experience will soon be more important than price or product as a key brand differentiator.

Customers now have the upper hand. They have the voice and authority to spread the word about their positive or negative experiences with your brand. All thanks to technological advancements! Customers nowadays look to their peers for credible opinions, so make sure any conversations about your brand are positive. Going above and beyond to provide "wow" experiences can help you achieve these objectives. 

Khushboo Jobanputra

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