Top Off-Page SEO Tools Used By Pro In 2024

Best Offpage SEO tools

Do you also feel off-page SEO ends up with a mess and creates hassle at the end? In the contemporary era of SEO, link building is challenging, and with so many signals, strategies, and opportunities available, it can be challenging to know where to begin.

Fortunately, there is a vast array of tools available to us, both paid and unpaid, that you may use to simplify your life in all of these areas. These tools can not only shorten some of the more drawn-out procedures that are part of the job, but they can also expand the scope of your plans and boost their chances of success.

This article brings you an updated list of the top off-page SEO tools to offer you a little taste of the tools. However, let us first understand the concept of off-page SEO tools and their importance before delving deep into the tools.

What Are Off-Page SEO Tools?  

Your website will become more well-known online with the use of off-page SEO, increasing its exposure. We may increase our presence in search results by using off-page strategies. Off-page SEO strategies, however, can help your website rank higher on search engine results pages.

Obtaining backlinks from other websites is the essence of the off-page SEO method. For instance, getting backlinks for website A from websites B and C is necessary if you want to improve website A's ranking. Websites B and C provide the references (which means giving votes to website A).

Before purchasing the backlinks for your target websites, we must take into account three crucial elements:

  1. Relevancy - The website from which you are attempting to obtain backlinks ought to be pertinent to your niche.
  2. Authority - A website should have authority in terms of its level of popularity, the number of backlinks it has, and other factors.
  3. Reputation - A brand's reputation may be evaluated based on factors including how much traffic it receives and the general consensus on the product.

Why Should You Use-Off Page SEO Tools?

It is not a novel concept that the best SEO link-building software is helpful for SEO. The majority of marketers are aware that information is power and that one's understanding of SEO is only as solid as the facts it is based on.

There is a vast array of tools available to us, both paid and unpaid, that you may utilize to simplify your life in all of these areas. These tools can not only shorten some of the more drawn-out procedures that are part of the job, but they can also expand the scope of your plans and boost their chances of success.

Your SEO approach will get stronger with the more accurate, dependable, and simple-to-use tools you have at your disposal. You'll learn a lot about not just how well your own site is functioning but also how your rivals are approaching SEO.

Relationship Between SEO Tools And Other Variables

The rankings of websites are influenced by thousands of variables, although some are much more crucial than others. Off-page SEO specialists always use SEO tools to concentrate on a number of important factors in order to give a thorough study of a website's rating. Examine the variables that these tools take into account to learn more about how they operate:


First, professional SEO Experts use this software to examine the domain and provide a summary of the likelihood that the entire website will rank on search engine results pages (SERPs). Tools used to assess domains often take into account information about the domain's age, the number of other websites linking to it, and the overall number of backlinks the site has.


While a domain's score reveals the likelihood that the entire site will rank, SEO tools also assess specific pages on your website. SEO analysis tools consider elements like backlinks and keywords to determine a page's score. The rating for a specific page may occasionally be much greater than the rating for the domain. When a page is very authoritative or has a significant amount of backlinks from high-ranking domains, this may occur.


A site or page rank for that search phrase may be improved by naturally combining relevant keywords into website content in ways that are useful and helpful. The majority of SEO tools that track the keyword position of your website help in determining which ones your website already ranks for and discover fresh prospects for keyword positioning. Numerous tools also disclose the keywords that your rivals are ranking for, allowing you to properly concentrate your SEO efforts.


Backlinks are external links to your site and are a crucial ranking element as well. Utilizing SEO tools, you may count or increase the number of backlinks pointing to your website and assess their value by looking at the referring domain's position. Your site is more likely to rank on SERPs by using high-quality backlink-building software. It raises both its page rank and domain rank.


Your website's ranking may be impacted by the quantity and quality of the traffic it receives. Generally speaking, increasing the number of visitors and motivating them to stay on your website longer will raise your page rank and domain. Because of this, SEO analysis tools often show the amount of organic traffic that now exists for existing pages and speculate on the amount of traffic that may exist for keyword ideas. 

Best Off-Page SEO Tools

There are several free applications on that list for certain off-page SEO and productivity chores, but the more sophisticated ones are expensive. Therefore, let's begin.

1. Guest Post Tools


buzzsumo tool dashboard

The app BuzzSumo is cloud-based. No program installation, no protracted configuring. Just input your information and leave. Additionally, we don't withhold any essential elements from the trial; everything you see here is accessible in it!

A cloud-based software called BuzzSumo may assist you in finding the finest engagement, content, and outreach options on social media and search. While keeping an eye on what matters most to your company, discover fresh keywords, popular articles, consumer inquiries, and successful content strategies.


mailshake offpage seo tool

A sales interaction platform for contemporary sales teams is called Mailshake. On a single dashboard, send mass tailored cold emails and assign tasks to contact prospects by phone and social media. Mailshake can seamlessly integrate into your sales tech stack thanks to its native connectors with Hubspot, Pipedrive, and Salesforce as well as third-party integrations with tens of thousands of other apps.


mailfloss offpage seo tool

Mailfloss is a busy businesses' bulk email verification service. It is a set-and-forget email checker that, after a single setup, places email verification on autopilot. Connecting your email service provider and configuring your settings are all that is required. From that point on, Mailfloss will automatically remove typos, fakes, and bounces from your email lists.

As a result, your email deliverability will increase, more consumers will get your emails, and your email ROI will rise. We continue to integrate more of the most well-liked email service providers, including MailChimp, HubSpot, and Infusionsoft.

2. Blog Commenting Tools


feedly offpage seo tool

With the Feedly app, you can save, read, and share fresh material from your favorite websites, blogs, and feeds. For all the stuff you typically access on the web, it functions as an RSS (Really Simple Syndication) collection service. 

Instead of physically visiting a webpage every time they wish to be updated on its content, RSS enables consumers to subscribe to a website and have the information from that page emailed to them. In this way, Feedly prevents you from having to travel to the web by bringing it to you via the app or a web browser.

3. Link Building Tools


Semrush is a comprehensive toolset for increasing web presence and learning about marketing trends. Marketing professionals who operate in the following services can benefit from our tools and reports: SEO, PPC, SMM, competitive research, PR, content marketing, marketing insights, and campaign management are some examples of online marketing strategies.

Backlink analytics by semrush

SEMrush is an excellent SEO tool that may be used for keyword research, including monitoring your competitors' keyword strategies. It may be used for a variety of things, like running SEO audits, looking for backlink chances, and tracking everything through reports.


ahrefs dashboard

This tool is preferred by an SEO specialist for creating analysis reports on the elements of digital marketing. An SEO representative can use this tool to examine the web page's competitive elements. This tool aids in a variety of analyses, from determining backlinks to examining URL rankings. This tool concentrates on the broad field of SEO analysis.

It also contributes significantly to link research as a novice. It searches for relevant website connections using a certain index. As a result, its extensive function in analysis makes it highly well-liked in the field of digital marketing. Ahrefs' ability to display a precise monthly estimation of organic traffic is one of its most popular features. Ahrefs is a built-in off-page SEO tool because of its razor-sharp checking capabilities.


majectic seo tool dashboard

A tool for evaluating link intelligence is Majestic SEO. As a result, both SEO specialists and website owners love it. The structure of link metrics is provided by Majestic SEO. Citation Flow and Trust Flow are two forms of link metrics that are defined. Citation Flow enables the display of a number that estimates a URL's impact.

After examining the number of websites linked to the URL, it recognizes it. Trust Flow provides a score to estimate the dependability of linking to nearby sites. Majestic SEO excels in providing comprehensive SEO tools. It has the capacity to show a broad range of SEO data. It complements the off-page SEO strategies that are used.


buzzstream offpage seo tool

There aren't many alternatives to Buzzstream's online software platform for outreach management. Buzzstream is a tool for managing link building as well as PR and social media. The objective is to create order out of the confusion that results from forging genuine connections with social media influencers.

Whether you are new to link building or a seasoned "outreach-er," you will recognize the need for organization and management in this area. It might be difficult to stay on top of everything, but our unique platform will help you stay on top of opportunities.

Link Hunter

Link hunter offpage seo tool

Obtaining backlinks is now simpler than ever thanks to LinkHunter. Its pre-made programs, based on the tried-and-true backlink techniques employed by SEO experts, are its key strength. You can use the tool to quickly find possibilities for guest writing, acquire product reviews, or have your website listed in resource directories.


brand24 offpage seo tool

With the help of the social media monitoring tool Brand24, you can track brand mentions in real time, assess the success of your SEO efforts, and spot hot themes by keeping an eye on trending hashtags. Additionally, Brand24 examines social media discussions and offers you relevant information. Metrics like sentiment analysis, the number of mentions, or predicted social media reach may all be found inside the dashboard.

Companies of all sizes that utilize this platform to study online interactions make up the Brand24 audience. The technology offers real-time data, assisting businesses in making more informed decisions.


seobility offpage seo tool

Seobility audits your whole website by crawling every page that is connected. Each check section lists all pages discovered to have mistakes, issues with on-page SEO, or issues with the page content, such as duplicate material. Of course, you may use its page browser to examine every issue on a single page.

Each project is continuously scanned and evaluated by its crawlers to follow the progress of your optimization in order to provide a lasting and ongoing analysis of your website. If server failures or other significant issues arise, the monitoring service will additionally send you an email with the status of your website.


A specific tool that you may use as an off-page SEO Chrome extension is the link clump tool. You can access two or more URLs at once while using this tool. You must download it and then add it as an extension to Google before using it.

With this particular tool, you may click on several URL links at once. You must click the mouse's right button in order to take advantage of this chance. And to open, you must draw a box around the links after pointing them out. So, to choose several links, use the click-and-drag approach. Links can also be chosen by holding down the Ctrl and shift keys.

This unique gadget may simultaneously provide as many links and serve certain activities. So you may create a spreadsheet with several links attached to this tool. Additionally, having these links instantly open is helpful.

Check My Links

check my links offpage seo tool

For an SEO specialist, using the Check My Links Tool is a really advantageous choice. It is well known to play a significant part in the thorough examination of broken links on external websites. Checking for broken links identifies a few key elements for off-page SEO improvement.

These methods outline the rationale for getting in touch with the Webmaster. It persuades the website administrator to make changes. This tool makes the process of obtaining backlinks easier. Website proprietors employ this technology as a dependable browser extension. Additionally, it works well to develop links. Therefore, choosing this tool for SEO optimization makes sense for a variety of reasons.

Talkwalker Alerts

talkwalker alters offpage seo tool

Google Alerts may be replaced with Talkwalker Alerts, which simply perform better. Google Alerts broke in 2013 but despite being "fixed" ever since it hasn't been updated to fit the demands of contemporary SEO. 

When Talkwalker's product locates the search word you are tracking on the web, it sends you instant, daily, or weekly notifications. These notifications may be used for a plethora of purposes, including monitoring rival comments, monitoring brand mentions, discovering fresh off-page possibilities via footprints, and much, much more.

SEOTools For Excel

seotools for excel offpage seo tool

SeoTools for Excel functions as an add-on that provides a simple method of importing data into Excel from many platforms. Professionals involved in website analysis and SEO utilize it. 

You can quickly import Siteimprove data directly into Excel thanks to the interface with Siteimprove, which enables you to analyze and enhance the performance of your website continually. You can convert your Siteimprove Analytics and SEO data into Excel format and combine information from other SeoTools for Excel programs with the data from Siteimprove.

4. Free Chrome Extensions For Link Building

Majestic Backlink Analyzer

Majestic backlink analyzer chrome extention for link building

A search engine optimization tool with a focus on backlinks is called Majestic SEO. It is a cutting-edge and potent tool that SEO professionals use for backlink analysis. You should visit outreach solutions if you want to learn more about how to increase traffic to your site and acquire excellent links.

With only one click, you can browse through the other websites, and examine their keywords, related domains, and backlinks. You can find out all the data insights of your rivals with the aid of Majestic SEO Pro. As you search for a Majestic review to boost your SEO, you may already be aware of how crucial backlinks are to a website's rating. Majestic so satisfies SEO experts' demand to visualize the situation of their rivals' techniques.

Ahrefs’ SEO Toolbar

ahref's seo toolbar chrome extention for linkbuilding

A free Chrome and Firefox addon called Ahrefs SEO Toolbar offers helpful SEO information about the pages and websites you visit. More than 100,000 SEO experts use it on a regular basis. 

Among its free features are SEO on-page analysis, HTTP Headers, redirected tracer, outgoing links report with broken link checker and link highlighter, SERP rankings, and changes country for SERP. As an Ahrefs user, you also receive Google search results and each page/site you visit's SEO metrics and directly in the SERP are keyword data like search volume and keyword difficulty.



The MozBar is a Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox web browser plugin that offers useful analytics about a website and its link profile for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) needs. Although it also incorporates into Search Engine Results Pages, MozBar is typically accessed from a toolbar, as its name suggests (SERPs). 

The information it offers includes insights on the link profile of a webpage & domain, such as Domain Authority or a number of backlinks, as well as on-page metrics essential to SEO, such as the values of a web page’s title tag, alt text, meta robots, etc.

Free Off-Page Tracking, Analytics, And Reporting Tools

Google Analytics

google analytics metrics summary

A simple and cost-free method of monitoring and analyzing website traffic is provided by Google Analytics. Even if you receive hundreds or even millions of visitors each month, if you don't know anything about them, their presence is essentially pointless. It offers important insights into how your website is working and what you can do to reach your goals in addition to tracking the number of visitors. To assist you in making wise business decisions, you can also measure mobile app usage, discover trends, and monitor social media activity.

Google Search Console

google search console

Anyone with a website may use the Search Console service from Google to learn how they are doing on Google Search and what they can do to increase their visibility on a search to drive more relevant traffic to their websites. Information about Google's website indexing, serving, and crawling processes are available through Search Console. This can aid website owners in tracking and improving search results.

Bing Webmaster Tools

bing webmaster tool dashboard

Webmasters may add their websites to the Bing index crawler, view their site's performance in Bing (clicks, impressions), and do a lot more with Bing Webmaster Tools (formerly the Bing Webmaster Center), a free service offered as part of Microsoft's Bing search engine. 

Additionally, the service provides webmasters with tools to troubleshoot issues with the crawling and indexing of their websites, the submission of new URLs, the creation of Sitemaps, submission and ping tools, website statistics, the consolidation of content submission, and new content and community resources.

Hreflang Tag Testing Tool

hreflang testing tool

The exporting of test results to an Excel file, a function that many SEOs, particularly those who work on big websites with hundreds of URLs, wanted, has now been included in the Hreflang testing tool.

It's not always simple to show all the data in an understandable way when you examine a lot of mistakes. That’s why we don't think the web UI is really good. It is practical and works best for seeing a long list of "All OK" results. However, the web UI fails to convey the findings in a way that the user can directly influence if there are issues, especially if there are several hreflang links on a page, increasing the possibility of at least some failures.

Wrapping Up!

To be successful with SEO, you must make sure that your website is viewed as a reliable source and that your material is the most pertinent response to a certain search query. After learning about some of the top paid and free SEO tools available, you should choose the one that will best help you reach your SEO objectives and start auditing, optimizing, and monitoring your website, individual web pages, and content.


In link building, quality is more important than quantity. Never concentrate simply on establishing as many links as you can. You will just feel let down by the outcomes if you do this. When you only consider numbers, the caliber of links will ultimately deteriorate. The need of acquiring high-quality linkages at scale must be emphasized, but never at the expense of quality.

Google SEO tools enable marketers to understand why a page is underperforming and provide specific recommendations for boosting webpage performance in order to rank higher.

The most popular and practical tools to check competitors’ backlinks include Ahrefs, SEMrush, Moz, Google Search Console, and so on.

Link building is not dead, but it has simply evolved. As one of its SEO ranking factors, Google’s algorithm still heavily relies on links.

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