18 Ways To Boost Social Media Engagement In 2024

18 ways to boost social media engagement

Are you planning on creating an efficient online business?

Well, your answer would most probably be yes. Social Media engagement is a crucial indicator you should undoubtedly consider with the help of the best social media engagement companies. While most people focus on increasing their traffic, they usually fail. The prime reason behind it is the failure to grow their social media participation. 

So, how to solve such an issue?

Communicating with your followers on social media may turn them into paying customers. Building relationships with your audience may lead to more revenue, devoted patrons, and positive reviews. How can you forget about engagement interactive posts for social media? This article will teach you the benefits of social media participation and ways to increase social media engagement and attract more followers.

Time to get started!

Be More Active On Social Media

importance of brand behaviour and activeness on social media

Increasing social media engagement is the easiest way to boost it. Beyond social media engagement posts and marketing campaigns, you can reply to comments, respond to direct messages, follow niche businesses, and like related posts and photos. Further, the use of social media is mutual. People don't like it when brands and individuals use it as a one-way communication channel. Thus, it is not really adequate. 

People increasingly expect their social media brand profiles to respond to this. You can use social media to engage with your customers and turn them into brand ambassadors. No matter how trivial, every small encounter is essential. Just one exciting or useful interaction can get you into a customer for life.

Create And Post Engaging/Original Content

roadmap and tips to creating engaging social media content

Develop content that people can interact with. It works wonders to boost social media customer engagement. It can be a Twitter poll, a video that resonates with viewers, a funny graphic, or a product image that entices users to tag their friends. Always remember to select information to share that will elicit good feedback from readers. 

Is the subject of your article something enticing, humorous, or relatable? Pick a topic that will evoke strong emotions in readers. However, avoid posting sensitive issues or other items that can enrage customers as you establish your shop.

Focus On Storytelling

brand storytelling tips for social media

Your social media profiles should have a narrative when attempting to develop your following and improve audience engagement. A report around your brand will make users more likely to connect and feel engaged. Moreover, followers get more emotionally invested in your items after they learn about the human aspect of your company.

In other words, story-based posts will always get more followers. You may build narratives around your items if you concentrate on the requirements of your audience. The goods will also be sold in addition to the tale. It is because tales keep us grounded and authentic, drawing people to them. 

Use The Latest Trends

effective and trending social media platforms

Did you notice everyone talking about engagement on Instagram marketing services these days? Or how did everyone jump at the chance to create Facebook roles after this feature was released? Well, the golden key to determining your brand’s popularity and success on social media is keeping yourself up-to-date! 

Of course, not every move, challenge or feature is suitable or relevant for every brand or industry. However, content that follows current trends is more likely to resonate with your audience. Staying up close with the trends will not only give your content a fresh feel but will also improve the desired social media engagement. Not just that, it will also give you more inspiration for future post creation. This sounds of help - isn't that great?

Use Relevant/Trending Hashtags

users view on the use of hashtags on social media

If used properly, hashtags can be a powerful way to extend your reach, increase engagement, and increase your exposure on Twitter and other social platforms.

Ask yourself:

  • How and why do we use hashtags on Twitter?  
  • How Many Hashtags Should You Use? 
  • How to Track Twitter Hashtags and Improve Your Hashtag Strategy?

Hashtags can also help your Twitter account to touch the skies. That’s why it is usually recommended to hire the services of an experienced digital marketing agency in India

Make Your Posts Visual (Images/videos)

importance of visual posts for social media engagement

According to Buffer, tweets with graphics are often 150% more retweeted than tweets without graphics. Start with graphics to learn strategies to increase social media engagement. It will help your blog stand out from the crowd and seek the audience’s attention. You can add different types of visuals like:

  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Infographics
  • GIFs

Including visuals in your posts can help engage your readers and grab their attention. Even if your article is just text with high-quality and high-resolution images can impact your traffic.

Use Emojis

social media engagement statistics on the use of emojis

Did you know? According to a social media advertising company survey, emoticons can boost online interaction. Different emoticons have varying degrees of engagement-boosting potential. 

A grinning emoticon can improve engagement by 138%, whereas a twitching emoticon can increase interaction by 25%.

Social media users that use emoticons in their postings typically get more likes, comments, and shares. You can further enhance the count of engagement using the top-most social media marketing services

Use Catchy Captions

Your headlines should be appealing and attractive for social media engagement metrics. Use the social media engagement services like CoSchedule to generate a compelling headline if you want to increase your blog post or product page traffic. You may also use CoSchedule to tailor your headlines to promote interaction, such as clicks. Your headline will be given a score, and you may edit it to raise it. How about attempting a score of above 70?

Use Influencer Collaboration

influencer social media engagement ratio on different platforms

Social media influencers are growing because of their ability to increase engagement on social media. They are experienced content producers who are aware of their audience's needs. So how can you use them to increase engagement as a part of your social media engagement strategies? 

45% of audiences would pay for live video from a favorite team, speaker, performer, or influencer 

Get help improving your social media content to maximize your social media impact. This can make your audience more interested in your brand and content. Additionally, it may offer your current fans new content different from what you frequently share.

Host Giveaways And Contests

Running contests and giveaways is the most straightforward approach to boosting social media engagement. You may request that visitors do certain things, such as visit a specific page on your website as a part of your social media engagement plan. You may utilize platforms like Rafflecopter to meet contest rules by expanding your social media following and increasing social media interaction. A gift must be given to the winner, but your company can deduct the cost of the item strategically.

Post At Optimal Times

ideal social media post frequency

Post frequently on your sites to highlight your social media platform with the highest engagement. A daily average of two to three postings per platform can help you develop a loyal following. But do not post too frequently, or you might irritate your audience. This is one of the reasons why numerous businesses lose their following even when they have engaging and worthy content. 

Apart from the frequency, you must also maintain a schedule. Post at the ideal times to capture the attention of a greater audience, i.e., between 1-3 pm.

Post Consistently

It is vital to maintain a high level of engagement. How can you do that? Post consistently across all your channels. But you must follow a routine. Being constant will keep you at the forefront of your audience's thoughts. 

Additionally, it aids the algorithms on Instagram, Facebook marketing, and Twitter in finding and favouring your material, exposing your posts to a larger audience and fan base. You can use a scheduling tool if you have problems keeping up with posts. You can schedule posts for numerous social media networks simultaneously using tools like Buffer, Hootsuite, and Later, which makes the process simple.

Share Curated Content

process of sharing curated content to increase social media engagement

Whenever sharing social media content, it is essential to understand the structure of a social media post. It is because no matter how original your material is if your headlines are not attractive, no one will read them. As a matter of fact, eight out of ten individuals just read the post's title. Once they find it engaging enough, they move forward with reading it. You can also avail of the services of the best social media engagement specialist to achieve your ultimate goal. 

Strong call-to-action is also necessary if you want your audience to respond to your social media post by doing anything else, like visiting your website or entering a contest (CTAs).

Pay Attention To Feedback And Comments 

ways to handle postiive and negative comments from customer on social media

One of the simplest methods to improve social media engagement types is to respond to your audience, yet businesses frequently ignore this strategy. Many companies will publish material but trust us, that is a big no-no! You should respond to your followers' comments and converse with them.

Answering a complaint on social media can increase customer advocacy by up to 25%

You must use the time to converse with your audience since a conversation requires two people. Make sure to reply to both positive and negative feedback from followers while doing so, ideally within a day. Engage in communication and conversation with your brand. If you submit information to your profile, pay attention to the comments and spend some time responding.

Use Cross-Promoting and Cross-Posting Strategy

Target increasing your engagement globally by cross-promoting your content on other social media networks. It will ease your journey of increasing the number of audiences and new visitors. Did you know how? Promotion through Cross-posting and Cross promoting prove to be the social media engagement best practices. 

Cross-posting is the practice of publishing the same social media post on several different websites. To get more followers for your other social media sites, you have to work more when you cross-promote. Further, to get your fans to follow you on all your social media accounts, a straightforward yet efficient cross-promotion strategy is to provide links to each of them.

Use A Separate Content Strategy For Each Platform

If you want to generate interaction from your audience, you shouldn't rely just on one type of content. However, you must strike a balance between the time required to create each type of content and the significance of keeping a regular publication schedule. You must take care of the following while creating an efficient content strategy:

  • User-generated content
  • Live streams
  • Contests & competitions
  • Case studies
  • Influencer marketing collaborations

To ensure you communicate your main message correctly, you must balance several forms with the expertise of a social media engagement agency. 

Use Live Stream Feature

social media live stream usage data

Another strategy to increase social media engagement is to produce live videos. You may communicate with your audience in real time by using live videos. It's a fantastic method to engage them with your brand and introduce them to your company.

82% prefer live video from a brand to social posts

You may produce live videos on any topic when doing so. You provide your audience with the chance to get in touch with you personally and discover more about your firm, whether through introducing a new product, a tour of your facility, or a Q&A session. By establishing a conversation with your audience, you motivate them to communicate with you in the future.

Use Analytics Tools And Track Social Performance

social media analytics report dashboard by hootsuite

You must pay attention to its performance to enhance social interaction over social media. How can you do that? Well, start by tracking your business’ social performance. Monitor the response to your postings to see where your social media strategy needs improvement. You may evaluate your social media performance using a variety of techniques.

You can check how your postings perform and if you're reaching individuals interested in your business using the analytics tools that specific platforms, like Facebook, have built-in. You may utilize third-party tools and built-in programs to gain information about the effectiveness of your campaigns. You can track post performance using Hootsuite or Buffer if you use them for post scheduling, while you can monitor your progress utilizing tools like Brand24 or TweetReach.

social media marketing services cta

Closing Thoughts

Social media advertising companies have more difficult duties as the years go by and the digital world grows. The biggest one may still need to combine strategic thought with creative thinking.

Given that each social media platform has unique characteristics, you should be aware that using the same strategy across all your social channels is unlikely to have the desired impact on your social media engagement. You must thoroughly investigate your target audiences before putting these strategies to increase social media engagement into practice, where they are most likely to succeed.


A roar of the crowd and enthusiastic engagement to a live presentation is known as audience engagement. Audience engagement occurs when the presenter successfully maintains the audience’s interest, focus, and participation throughout the exhibition.

A strategy for increasing customer satisfaction via more valuable contacts with them is known as a customer engagement strategy. Any method is acceptable, including in-person, online, and over the phone. Effective techniques transform reactive consumer involvement into proactive engagement.

80% of customers want businesses to engage them on social media. Additionally, more than half of consumers claim that connecting with a brand or business on social media is more engaging than going to a physical store. Social media will soon be the primary avenue used by companies to communicate with their consumers.

Khushboo Jobanputra

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