Rise Of ChatGPT: A Breakthrough In AI-Powered Digital Marketing

Rise of chatGPT and its impact and uses in digital marketing

Have you heard a new buzzword related to AI in modern digital marketing?

Yes, you heard it right! It’s ChatGPT (Conversational General Purpose Text) - a chatbot that engages in conversation, created by OpenAI- a research organization that was founded in 2015 by a group of entrepreneurs, researchers, and philanthropists, including Elon Musk, Sam Altman, Greg Brockman, Ilya Sutskever, John Schulman, and Wojciech Zaremba.

The digital marketing world took a new turn on December 1, 2022, when the system was released for public beta testing. Within a week of its inception, ChatGPT had over 1 million users. Such speculation may eventually replace Google search and, more importantly, humans.

Are you intrigued to learn more? 

Here in this blog, you will come across everything about ChatGPT, including how it works and what transformation it can bring to the use of artificial intelligence in digital marketing:

What Is ChatGPT? 

ChatGPT is a natural language processing model used to generate text that appears to be written by a human being. It was created using OpenAI, and it employs a variation of the GPT-3 architecture. It is intended to create text that is coherent, entertaining, and appropriate to a given prompt. All these features make it ideal for various applications, including chatbots, language translation, and AI-powered content creation.

In contrast to prior language models, ChatGPT is a generative language model designed specifically for informal discussion. While most generative language models are based on the traditional single prompt, conversational dialogue using ChatGPT can be changed or expounded on the responses it offers. This allows it to create text that is more realistic and diverse than was previously feasible with language models.

How Does ChatGPT Work? 

ChatGPT is known to create code, and many of the cases now being shown are where it generates code for a variant of code or solves tough mathematical problems. According to OpenAI, this model offers fine-tuned and conversational text by employing Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback (RLHF). Let us see how it works:

Step 1: To use the platform, simply go to the OpenAI website and click on the Try ChatGPT button. Next, you may sign up or log in using your OpenAI account. 

screenshot of chatgpt home page to start using the app

Step 2: ChatGPT uses the input text to parse into individual words and phrases. 

screenshot of a query in chatgpt

Step 3: It applies its understanding of human language norms and structure to examine the links between these words and phrases to comprehend the overall meaning of the input text.

Step 4: ChatGPT leverages its knowledge of the context and information gained from past discussions to provide a relevant response that makes sense in the present conversation once it has processed the input text.

Step 5: Finally, ChatGPT produces the response in the text that people can read and understand.

screenshot of a chatgpt result

How To Use ChatGPT AI For Digital Marketing?

Chat GPT is a game-changing natural language processing (NLP) tool quickly becoming a must-have for digital marketers. ChatGPT, as an AI-driven application, offers a wide range of functions that, when used with forethought and creative vision, can assist digital marketing experts in writing, researching, and engaging effectively with their audience. Let’s see the magic of machine learning and digital marketing - All Thanks to ChatGPT: 

ChatGPT For Search Engine Optimization: 

Keyword Research:

ChatGPT can play a vital role in smoothening your keyword research efforts. It doesn’t mean that you should use ChatGPT exclusively for keyword research, as you’ll lose the opportunity of using other metrics, such as search volumes, keyword difficulty, and so on. But one best way to use it for keyword research is right at the start of the process to generate keyword ideas.

For instance, when ChatGPT is asked to find potential keywords to use on a page about SEO Services, it comes up with the following list:

  • SEO services
  • Local SEO
  • SEO strategy
  • Content marketing
  • SEO agency and alike.
keyword ideas generated by chatGPT

Undoubtedly, you'll have a useful list of keywords in seconds. But it will make more sense when you enter such results into another keyword research tool to dig around it. Even better, take some of these and ask ChatGPT to generate long-tail variations of these keywords.

On-Page Elements:

Page Titles and Meta Descriptions are short pieces of HTML code that appear on every web page. They display the title and description of the web page, similar to the title and blurb on the front and back of a book. They tell you about the book (or page) before you open it (or click the link). Page titles and meta descriptions serve as a summary device for internet users to determine whether a page listed in a search engine's index includes the information they seek.

Though it seems easy, it is not in reality. All thanks to AI SEO services, who use ChatGPT to get ideas of the types of words or phrases that can be part of these on-page elements. 

Continuing with the same example, the following ideas for page titles will be generated as follows: 

  • Customized SEO Services for Small Businesses
  • Expert SEO Services for Maximum ROI
  • Affordable SEO Services for Local Businesses
  • Top-Rated SEO Services for Niche Industry 
example of meta title and meta description generated by chatGPT

Blog Posts & Other Content:

Undoubtedly, ChatGPT can be used to generate sentences, paragraphs, and even entire articles or documents. But it all comes down to the quality of the information you provide. The more detail you provide, the better the outcome you will enjoy.

For instance, ChatGPT can generate text in a specific style or format if you provide it with a specific set of inputs and outputs. Sky News used it to write an article about itself, whereas The Guardian used it to write an opinion piece.

ChatGPT For Social Media Management: 

Social Media Posts:

ChatGPT is not only a capable assistant, but it may even aid social media managers in their work. The post below is the best example of the use of AI in digital marketing, whereby the bot adds real value. They appear to have been written by humans, as the bot even included relevant hashtags. 

For instance, a Twitter post about Elon Musk.

twitter post about elon musk created by chatGPT

Ad Copy:

Creating slick, catchy ad copy for hundreds of campaigns can be a chore. This is an area where ChatGTP excels and could be used daily.

For instance, Ad headlines generated by ChatGPT for marketing companies:

Ad headline generated by chatGPT

ChatGPT For Email Marketing: 

Personalized emails:

You can use ChatGPT to write cold emails, thereby saving time and improving the effectiveness of your outreach. ChatGPT can do all the heavy lifting so that you can focus on those email parts that only a human can do well, such as personalizing it for each recipient and making final edits. All this required only one thing, i.e., providing specific and clear prompts. The following steps can be implemented for AI-driven content creation:

  • Write a prompt
  • Find similar customer personas
  • Add placeholders for personalization
  • Add CTAs
  • Hone in on your voice and tone
  • Optimize your email for conversion
  • Generate a subject line
  • Adjust your email length
  • Create variations for different customer segments

Take a look at this example. We asked chatGPT to write a cold email with 200 words to sell SEO services. The result it has produced is really impressive.

example of a cold email generated by chatGPT

How Can ChatGPT Transform The Future Of Businesses And Digital Marketing? 

Businesses can use ChatGPT or rely on the best AI digital marketing agency to provide personalized, instant responses to customer inquiries, allowing customers to get the information they need faster and offering a more seamless customer experience. This can assist businesses in improving customer service and increasing customer satisfaction. 

Assume a customer sends an email inquiring about the status of their order. In that case, the chatbot can understand what they're asking and provide a detailed response in real-time—no need to wait for a human response! 

There are numerous ways in how ChatGPT can transform the future of businesses and digital marketing, such as:

Automating Repetitive Tasks

screenshot of a social media caption generated by chatgpt

ChatGPT can be used to automate repetitive digital marketing tasks such as content creation using AI for social media posts or answering frequently asked questions. This can save businesses time and resources, allowing marketing teams to focus on more complex tasks.

Improving Customer Service:

ChatGPT can identify common questions and issues by analyzing customer interactions with machine learning algorithms, providing relevant and accurate responses to these inquiries. This can assist businesses in improving their customer service accuracy and minimizing the number of irrelevant or incorrect responses they provide.

Lead generation

The chatbot can recommend products or services based on previous conversations by gathering data from user interactions. This increases conversions by providing users with relevant offers tailored specifically to them. Furthermore, it reduces human intervention as sales reps no longer need to manually contact leads who may or may not be interested in what they're selling.

Tips For Best Use Of ChatGPT In SEO Efforts

Input The Relevant Instructions:

You should use relevant and accurate keywords while instructing the ChatGPT to ensure the results quickly and easily. Also, there is a need to keep the conversation relevant, i.e., one should put the right and clear content in the form of instructions to get the right and accurate results. All you need to do is simply open the chatbot, enter a few relevant keywords with a clear conversation, and finally, wait for it to produce the output per your desires. The main benefit is that it recommends the outcome based on the most recent search results, ensuring healthy competition.

Monitor And Analyze Chatbot Performance:

Effective customer service is the primary motivator for business growth and customer satisfaction, especially when available 24/7. However, it sounds like a tedious and difficult task for businesses, all thanks to ChatGPT for improving customer services. In addition to content creation, the chatbot may perform linguistic tasks such as summarizing, paraphrasing, translating, and answering questions. It provides personalized responses to each client, ensuring that consumers receive the information they require timely. However, all this demands timely monitoring and analyzing chatbot performance to deal with the variations, if any. 

Be Updated With The Latest Version:

Whether you are running a blog or reaching out to customers, or entering into a digital marketing world, staying up-to-date with the latest version of AI-generated content marketing tools is the need of the hour. Though it may seem daunting, there are various ways by which you can stay updated with the latest version:

  • Devote time daily
  • Join the tech forums
  • Connect with social media
  • Prioritize learning
  • Share ideas

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Limitations Of Using ChatGPT

ChatGPT can create articles on almost any topic since it has been trained on a vast range of content that is freely available to the public. However, there are several limitations related to AI SEO optimization that you should be aware of before using ChatGPT on an SEO project:

  • ChatGPT occasionally writes plausible-sounding but erroneous or illogical responses. Fixing such a problem is difficult because of numerous reasons: 
  • There is currently no source of truth during RL training. 
  • The model should be trained cautiously, or it might lead to a decline in questions it can answer correctly. 
  • Supervised training misleads the model as the ideal answer varies depending on what the model knows instead of what the human demonstrator knows.
  • AI in content marketing is sensitive to changes in input phrases or several attempts used for the same question. For example, given one wording of a question - the model can claim ignorance, but it can accurately answer, given a little rephrasing.
  • The model is frequently lengthy and overuses specific terms, such as repeating that it is an OpenAI-trained language model. These problems emerge due to biases in the training data and well-known over-optimization concerns.
  • When a user submits an uncertain query, the model should offer to clarify questions. Instead, the existing models frequently infer what the user meant.

Note: While active steps have been taken to prevent the model from responding to incorrect requests, it will occasionally respond to damaging instructions or display biased behaviour. 

cta image to contact for content marketing services

Future Of ChatGPT In Digital Marketing

The reality of artificial intelligence and digital marketing is that it has already marked their presence. Arguing whether it will or will not be utilized is akin to asking digital photographers to hand over their sim cards. Undoubtedly, everyone is already utilizing AI to search for items on Google, check the language, and choose the perfect hero image for the site. 

Now, it has come up with constructing the written and conversational words in ChatGPT. It is expected that ChatGPT as AI for content creation will both open new doors and expand the possibilities of authors and other content producers, along with closing for a few. It will also transform how businesses create written content, impacting all of us! However, it is important to remember that such tools should be used only to generate ideas instead of relying completely upon them, hampering creativity. 


Google’s LaMDA is essentially a competitor of ChatGPT in terms of improving its primary search companies since language models are becoming more capable than ever before and aid with various activities.

The list comprises a few names, with Chatsonic AI as the most popular, which provides a more robust and complete set of functions, such as interaction with Google Search and the ability to create custom bots.

Yes, Google can potentially affect a website’s SEO if it contains AI-generated content, as the quality and relevance of the content is an important factor that search engines consider. While ChatGPT and other AI tools can be useful for generating ideas, it is important to use them as a starting point rather than a replacement for human judgment and expertise.

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