A Digital Marketing Guide to Grow your Business Amid Economic Uncertainty

A Digital Marketing Guide to Grow your Business Amid Economic Uncertainty

One of the first things businesses frequently reduce is their marketing budgets when the economy weakens, and business conditions are uncertain. Small companies worldwide are suffering due to the current coronavirus outbreak and economic downturn, specifically in the UK.

However, for companies with the means, digital marketing in a recession is more crucial than ever for preserving the strength and longevity of your company. Companies may create business opportunities during a recession, recover rapidly when the economy has rebounded, and position themselves for success for years by deliberately developing and adhering to a marketing plan.

In this blog, we will discuss how integrated digital marketing services can help your business grow in this economic turmoil.

Assessment of global economic conditions

Economic Uncertainty In 2022

Economic uncertainty has existed since the Coronavirus pandemic's effects became apparent in early 2020. However, as we now look ahead to the rest of 2022 and beyond, we observe that the UK is likely to experience a worse recession than its EU counterparts. This sounds like getting ready to combat the downturn is now a top priority.

economic deficit data of countries worldwide

How can that be inferred?

The S&P 500 (US) and FTSE 100 (UK) stock markets have different makeups that can provide different outcomes. The graph argues that possibly economic rebalancing is necessary for a more global economy and society.

Even though things appeared to be improving in January 2022, this hasn't been the case based on what we've seen thus far. Growth is being severely hampered by numerous issues, including the Ukraine War, the growing cost of living, the energy crisis, labour unrest, more Chinese lockdowns, supply chain disruptions, and the threat of stagflation. All of these reasons, together, are making it difficult to avert a recession in many nations.

By June 2022, the S&P 500 had entered a bear market, with the stock market's outlook substantially worsening from January's peak. The FTSE100 has, however, delivered diverse outcomes in the UK. Although it is not yet in a bear market, overall consumer confidence is declining. The news coverage of a prospective recession has emphasized this decline in consumer confidence, which has also caused brand loyalty to reach an all-time low.

This site is founded on theory, research, and prevailing wisdom. It doesn't consider your firm’s present product demand, competition activity, workforce capabilities, or financial status. It seems that many firms in the UK and other hard-hit nations will currently experience diminished demand. Along with that, supply chain employees will probably no longer be employed.

Amid all these issues, everyone is seeking how to increase sales during a recession. Before answering this, there is a need to know more about marketing and the economy.

What Issues Do Current SMEs Face With The Digital Advertising Landscape?

Small and medium-sized businesses sometimes lack access to the data richness that more influential organizations have. PLCs and more prominent companies can analyze various attribution models and use data science-driven analytics like econometric modelling with the help of the new data. Even with non-last-click attribution, the study is considerably constrained in the absence of such data (though improving).

digital marketing challenges faces by SMEs during economic recession

This is the prime reason the gap between enterprises and SMEs has been widening. In many ways, it is simple to understand how inbound performance advertising has grown, given the hype surrounding digital advertising in the late 2000s and how it would solve all business marketing issues. Add to that the primitive attribution tools available in the early days of internet advertising. As a result of this problem, many businesses, especially SMEs and those outside the enterprise sector, invest excessively in performance-based paid media.

But Is Digital Marketing A Necessity During This Recession?

When Times Are Good You Should Advertise, When Times Are Bad You Must Advertise

Are you also wondering about the need for digital marketing during the pandemic? It is crucial to ensure that your clients know your business is open. This is the first step you must take during a recession. You need to be very particular that your brand is seen, or else you might lose a potential customer to your rival.

So, how can you do that?

This is where digital marketing comes into action. It acts like a wise investment in local SEO services in India that can help you in the following ways:

  • Digital Marketing can allow you to generate potential leads via SEM, SEO, and SMM.
  • It can generate good leads, giving your team members something to work on rather than lacking chances during the slowdown.
  • The majority of individuals turn to the internet for their company research. By adjusting your digital marketing plan, your company can engage with customers directly and stay ahead of the competition.
  • You may launch new goods and services online, which will help your company distinguish itself from the competition.

Benefits Of Advertising In Recession

Amidst economic uncertainty, businesses can benefit from advertising in numerous ways by implementing digital marketing in times of crisis:

1. Engage And Keep A Devoted Clientele

importance of focusing on existing client base during recession

Your current client base is your business's most valuable asset during a recession. A new client typically costs five times as much to acquire as an old one does to keep. It is critical now more than ever to comprehend how your consumers define value. Customers' shopping habits will change as their environment does. You may improve brand engagement and retention by paying close attention to your consumers’ value. Give your consumers your all and develop sincere messaging that connects with them.

2. Build Brand Trust

Top 7 ways to build brand trust

Customers turn to trusted companies in unpredictable and chaotic times. If you are not explaining to your clients the value of your goods and services, other companies will. Your consumers will understand that you are strong and stable and have what it requires to weather the storm if you continue to be there despite the current economic crisis. Even after the crisis has passed, demonstrating to clients that you are right there with them and that you sincerely want to help them will do wonders for your brand.

3. Boost Market Share

The ability to enhance your company's market share is another justification for sticking with your marketing plan or marketing strategy during a recession. You should focus on less "marketing noise" that enables you to reduce costs per lead as more businesses slash their marketing spending. When other rivals aren't, your brand will remain in customers' minds if you keep up your advertising efforts. In the short run, cutting back on marketing expenses can save money, but sticking it out can result in considerably higher growth in the long run.

4. Position The Brand For Future Expansion

It is commonly known that businesses that continue to advertise consistently end up being more lucrative in the long term and expanding faster, despite economic hardships. Sales for companies that aggressively promoted throughout the recession were 256% greater than those that did not (Wharton). When businesses decide on their marketing crisis management or marketing strategy during the coronavirus epidemic, it is beneficial to consider history. This will show the journey of companies thriving in recession or knowledge of industries that thrive during the recession, even if every firm is unique and no two hard economic times are the same.

What Kind Of Digital Marketing Strategies Can Your Businesses Use To Ensure Growth?

Conduct Market Research

It is well known that thorough market research is essential for effective marketing initiatives. A company may benefit from market research by having a better grasp of its consumers and a better idea of approaching its target market. How?

A person's available and discretionary income fluctuates while they are experiencing financial stress. This ultimately alters how people shop and decide what to buy. While it would seem like a good idea to cut expenses and use past data from prior recessions, it is not in actuality. There is a need to gather new data as a part of digital marketing during a pandemic.

Retain Your Existing Customers

Customer retention is always a crucial company strategy, but it is more critical during a recession. Existing customers account for most of a company's income, and keeping existing customers costs significantly less than trying to get new ones.

If you emphasize your existing clients, you can decrease the spending significantly without cutting the marketing budget. Keeping consumers happy will only help the company in the long term since they are more likely to write favorable reviews and refer you to their friends, which generates free word-of-mouth advertising for your company. Therefore, you should rely on the importance of online marketing during a pandemic.

Digital Paid Advertisements

Compared to outbound marketing initiatives, search engine optimization and organic traffic have the benefit of being less expensive. However, businesses shouldn't eliminate paid web advertising right away. Even with a flexible budget, modern digital marketing techniques like search advertisements and paid social media marketing may still help firms maximize their target customers with the help of a digital marketing consulting agency.

digital advertising budget breakdown during economic recession

The "noise level" in a brand's product category can come down when competitors reduce their ad expenditure." For this reason, study findings in the past always appear to point to one conclusion: the best course of action is to maintain or even boost advertising activities.

Social Media Ads

Social media's influence goes beyond its capacity to direct marketing messages to particular groups. The cornerstones of modern communication now comprise Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and similar sites. Your business may interact with its audience and bring in new clients with a well-planned social media strategy formulated by a social media optimization agency.

social media platforms usage data of US

People are typically more prone to stay home during economic uncertainty to conserve money. This results in more time spent on mobile devices. Regardless of where potential clients are located, social media offers an effective means to connect with them. Customers will also seek trustworthy companies, and social media may assist build consumer trust in your company.

SEO And Online PR

Having engaging information on your website is crucial, but if no one can discover it, it will be useless. Based on how successfully SEO has been executed, search engines like Google and Bing identify, categorize, and rank the value of your brand's website.

People will still be using their mobile devices during a recession, so you want to ensure they see you there. An effective SEO strategy by an eCommerce SEO agency may maintain your website towards the top of Google's search results and bring in more visitors.

Fine-Tune Your Website

It can seem like a strange idea during a recession to evaluate your website's aesthetics, usability, and functioning. Customers, however, will be interested in getting the information and goods they need with the least amount of disruption during a time plagued with financial and emotional issues. You can also hire the best content marketing agency.

website design elements to focus on during recession

Keep your online presence clean and uncomplicated. The less likely a visitor is to make a purchase, the longer it takes them to find the desired item.

Data-Based Insights

Marketing professionals may create more individualized marketing strategies by analyzing consumer data to forecast their requirements and future actions better. In other words, data-driven insights help you make wise judgments about which of the best marketing campaigns ever to implement.

data driven digital marketing tips

Such information and insights may be found on Google Analytics or search console and other sites. Data can assist you in staying up with quick changes in a volatile environment.

What Approach Should You Follow?

Periodic recessions halt most of the time ongoing economic expansion. This compels companies of all sizes and types to cut costs designed for development while adjusting to a sudden decline in demand. When a recession hits, small firms are more vulnerable to mistakes than bigger ones. The significance of distinguishing through digital marketing becomes additional relevance during a poor economic moment. It’s only then that you get the answers on how to achieve a growing business in a recession. It guarantees your services or goods remain top of mind among your customers.

Hire digital marketer CTA

Therefore, the next step should be to hire a digital marketing company to help you. Your company may continue to concentrate on what it does best without cutting off the flow of new leads or jeopardizing interaction with existing customers by outsourcing digital marketing services.


Yes. Both large and small businesses can suffer during a recession, although the latter have greater financial resources and cost-cutting measures to help them survive the crisis.

Sales decreases during recessions might spiral as a result of more demand-depressing layoffs. Credit availability tends to constrict as economic uncertainty rises, and mortgage defaults and missed payments rise along with bankruptcy filings.

Although part feeds internal searcher intent like search engine advertising, organic and digital PR are longer-term investments a firm should make, specifically during the recession.

Data on prior pandemics show that the cost of advertising decreases during a recession. For brands, the lower prices create a “buyer’s market.”

  • A customer incentive and discounts.
  • Consult with experts in business and finance.
  • Use IT/technology.
  • Reduce your company’s operating expenses.
  • Spend more money on marketing
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