Digital Marketing Essential Roles And Which One To Select For Your Business

Digital Marketing Essential Roles And Which One To Select For Your Business

Digital marketing remains to be one of the most popular services widely sought after by businesses to shape their digital brand presence and improve business conversion across digital platforms. Particularly, new businesses find it extremely important to outsource social media or search engine marketing services to keep pace with the competition.

For a business, it is extremely important to have a dedicated team of digital marketing experts, whether inhouse or working as an outsourced service provider. Hiring an inhouse digital marketing team has its own set of challenges such as the high cost of marketing resources, lack of IT infrastructure, lack of management expertise and lack of command of the latest tools, tricks and practices.

What are the key roles that you should look for in your digital marketing team? Here we discuss them one by one.

Digital Marketing Strategist

The most important aspect of every digital marketing strategy is to find the right audience and target them with the right content and in the most audience-friendly way. Whether you outsource the services of a digital marketing company or get onboard an inhouse team for the same, it must have an experienced strategist to look after the right audience targeting with proper content and channels.

The principal role of a digital marketing strategist is to decide the broader objectives and means for successful marketing and provide the right direction to the team responsible for the execution of the marketing plan. The key responsibilities of the marketing strategist include the following.

  • Creating and aligning long term strategic marketing goals and intermediate milestones
  • Detecting the target audience
  • Identifying the most suitable platforms for reaching out
  • Establishing the audience specific user journey
  • Having the right keyword strategy
  • Ensuring understanding of the business goal by the marketing team members
  • Understanding the content strategies and marketing pitch
  • Deciding the key performance indicators (KPIs)

SEO Specialist

A crucial part of the digital marketing team for the successful execution of the marketing plan is the SEO specialist. The role of professional SEO experts is to ensure that the content which is produced by the digital marketing team is optimised for great search engine results. Without great search engine performance for the content your team produces, your digital marketing cannot be successful.

SEO experts are also of various types. For example, a local SEO expert is particularly trained in helping a brand to rank well in local search rankings. The e-commerce SEO experts on the other hand can help a web store rank well in the respective product searches by customers.

Some of the key responsibilities that SEO specialists need to take care of include the following.

  • SEO specialists need to handle SEO tools like Google Analytics, Keyword planner tools, Search Console, domain authority tracker, SEO audit tools, etc.
  • They need to optimise content to rank well in search engines
  • SEO specialists also need to make strategies and implement keyword strategies.
  • They are responsible for on-page SEO attributes like the readability of the text, heading text, metadata, domain URL fixing, etc.
  • They also need to establish key performance metrics for SEO.
  • Carrying out SEO audits.

Content Writer And Marketer

In your digital marketing team, there must be someone to execute the content strategies and achieve marketing goals through audience specific content creation and marketing. The content writer and content marketers in the digital marketing team are responsible for the following.

  • Write expert blogs for the company website
  • Make well articulated content marketing plans
  • Write high quality guest posts for link building
  • Write marketing emails
  • Establish a company's expertise by writing white papers, eBooks, infographics, etc.
  • Work according to the long term and short term SEO goals set by the SEO specialist team

PPC Campaign Manager

Paid ads are still highly effective as a crucial marketing tool. The PPC campaign managers by using several different paid marketing channels try to showcase their offerings to the target audience and thus try to achieve campaign goals. Whether you hire a PPC services agency or get onboard a PPC campaign manager, the responsibilities include the following.

  • Making various segments of the target audience for the campaigns
  • Writing the advertising copies
  • Creating a full proof strategy and structure for the campaigns
  • Establishing the campaign goals
  • Carrying out the campaign
  • Making analysis and optimising the paid campaigns.
  • Tracking various campaign performance indicators

Graphic Designer

An expert graphic designer having a strong command of the best design practices, tools and trends is a must have for any digital marketing team. A graphic designer by basically representing the marketing ideas through eye-catchy visuals boosts user engagement and business conversion. The key responsibilities of a graphic designer in your digital marketing team include the following.

  • Making website design through wireframing, mock-ups and prototyping.
  • Creating designs for eBooks, white papers and Infographics
  • Creating design for paid ads and ad copies
  • Creating email marketing design

Front-End Developer

If you think Front-end developers have nothing to do with the dedicated digital marketing team, you probably missed the benefits they offer in the marketing mix. Some of the key responsibilities front-end developers have as part of the digital marketing team include the following.

  • Building landing pages for all campaigns
  • Developing web pages as and when required
  • Creating new Call to Action (CTA) buttons.
  • Creating registration and other forms for lead generation
  • Creating website templates and pop-ups.

Social Media Marketing Specialist

No digital marketing team can do justice to their work without targeting social media platforms. Whether you hire social media marketing services or hire a few social media marketers for your in-house marketing team, in one way or another you have to reach out to the wider audience through these tried and trusted channels.

Some of the key responsibilities of a social media marketing specialist include the following.

  • Come up with a social media strategy
  • Making engaging social posts regularly
  • Create social media pages with a focus on branding
  • Retargeting customers and boosting customer loyalty
  • Reaching out to social media influencers
  • Enhancing social media follower base
  • Running paid social media ad campaigns
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All the roles and responsibilities that make an ideal digital marketing team remain almost constant across all businesses irrespective of size and niche. Since the digital marketing field is increasingly getting complex and multifaceted, it is better to give responsibilities to a dedicated team of experts who are in possession of the best tricks, tips and tools to bring your brand to the limelight in no time.

Khushboo Jobanputra
Khushi Jobanputra
Khushi Jobanputra is an Experienced Digital Marketing Specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry.

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