9 Most Effective Digital Marketing Strategy For Plumbers in 2022


Though there are more than 3,310,000 searches for "plumber" every month as per Google's keyword planner, if your phone isn't ringing - it's time for reflection. It is clear that your rivals are taking the spotlight with their digital marketing for plumbers if you aren't getting enough inquiries or jobs booked while having such a high volume of searches.

This is where Digital Marketing Services comes to the rescue. It includes a vast variety of platforms and strategies that can assist you to expand your plumbing business.

It consists of five major areas:

  • Having a fully functional Website for your plumbing business
  • An introduction to plumbing SEO for better rank
  • Take control of your plumbing company listings
  • When and how to react to both favorable and unfavorable customer reviews.
  • The proper use of social media and how to avoid appearing foolish while doing it.
Digital Marketing Road Map for Plumbers to Get clients flowing

This blog brings you an overview of marketing ideas for plumbers that will help you get prepared to take concrete efforts for improving the online exposure of your business.


Why Is Digital Marketing Vital For Plumbers?

Advertising and marketing using traditional marketing strategies like newspapers or television have always been expensive. In a society where people frequently search the Internet for solutions, they are not only pricey but also ineffective.

97% of people use the web to find up and research before hiring any local services.


Just because of these elements, internet marketing for plumbers is a successful tactic. Plumbing is a very competitive industry, therefore it's critical to advertising your company as effectively as you can. In other words, Digital marketing is one of the finest methods to instantly reach a large number of potential clients while offering them the option to sign up for free plumbing manuals, monthly newsletters, blogs, and more.


From Where Should You Start?

People will connect with your business for the first time through your website, which should work as an ever-present online sales representative. However, having a website alone is insufficient. To ensure smooth internet marketing for plumbers, you should make your website:

  • Mobile-Friendly: Your website has to look fantastic and work on smartphones and tablets because more than 64% of search queries for home services take place on mobile devices.

61% of mobile searchers are more likely to contact a local business if they have a mobile-friendly site.

  • Quick: If your website takes longer than three seconds to load, you risk losing a plumbing client.
  • Simple Navigation: Users of your website should be able to discover what they're looking for with just one click and in under a second. By providing easy navigation, appropriate internal linking, and information that satisfies their demands, you may enhance the user experience.
User Friendly Plumbing website navigation menu

A great plumbing website requires correct coding, which is crucial for SEO. Metadata like schema, correctly optimized pictures with alt tags, title tags, and meta-tags, among other things, should all be there.


Which services should you use for your Plumbing services?

This year, the plumber marketing market demands more digital marketing tactics than ever before. So, if you are planning to expand your plumbing service, it can be challenging to determine which ones will have the most effect on your company. 

Here is a list of a few worthy marketing strategies for plumbers that can effectively promote their businesses:


Having a fully functional Website for your plumbing business: 

Businesses without websites risk losing 70–80% of their prospective clients

Without a plumbing website, lead generation in 2022 is a horrible idea. Investment in website design may improve the quantity and quality of your leads. While some plumbers continue to pay third-party brokers for leads, having your own branded website promotes business development and fosters repeat business. Customers that discover your plumbing company online are more inclined to believe in it and stick around in the future. Strong websites load quickly and contain eye-catching images, logos, and call-to-action.


GMB, Bing, Yelp:  

There are fast techniques of plumbing internet marketing to give your company more internet exposure: 


Make a Google My Business account in step one. Make sure they are seeing the most comprehensive and up-to-date information when someone directly searches for your plumbing company. One thing to keep in mind is if you don't have a designated office location. You can utilize your home address and hide those details from the general public. Google merely needs the data to verify that you are not a robot.

google my business search result for plumbing company


Most likely, Yelp already has a listing for your company. By ignoring this platform, you are allowing users to decide which photographs are prominent and preventing you from responding to reviews that are placed on that page. It's extremely simple to fix that. In just a few minutes, claim your company's Yelp listing. You'll be able to manage your internet presence using a variety of free tools once you accomplish this. You will be able to update the contact information, address, operating hours, and—possibly most importantly—reviews once you've claimed your business.

An introduction to plumbing SEO for better rank:

For contractors, SEO is a well-liked digital marketing solution since it may help you gain free clients through Google. Organic search results are free from charge to Google, unlike sponsored advertisements. It takes time and money to be ranked #1 in your local service area since SEO takes persistence and good implementation. Although local marketing for plumbers offers a greater long-term ROI, some plumbers prefer advertising since it produces results more quickly.

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Content Marketing: 

Your plumbing company may utilize content marketing to draw in leads, convince potential customers to make a purchase when they are shopping around, and seal deals. Further, with your content, you can deliver the appropriate material at each point of the sales cycle, from awareness through consideration to purchase, to use it successfully. If this seems challenging, relax—using this method to approach content makes things easier.



Plumbing business review by customer

Everyone aspires to receive five-star evaluations, and you will undoubtedly receive many. However, there will always be a few disgruntled customers willing to bash your company online. Although it's painful to read criticism of your brand, it may be empowering to perceive these instances as a window of opportunity. You'll have the opportunity to publish answers to reviews once you've claimed your company profile on Yelp and made a Google business profile. You may admit to making mistakes, make a promise to improve with doable actions, and show prospective clients what you intend to do to put things right.


Paid Ads: 

Local companies utilize PPC extensively since it may produce quick leads. PPC, however, is quite expensive for plumbers. PPC, in contrast to SEO, charges a fee for each Google click, and even a sizable budget might rapidly run out. PPC does produce rapid results, but its long-term return on investment is lower than you may expect. Make sure to appropriately manage your cash if you decide to engage in a PPC campaign for optimal cost-effectiveness.

Google ads result serp example for plumbing services

Social Media: 

For efficient digital marketing for plumbers, in 2022, you should try to connect with the majority of your present and potential clients on social media. You may reach your consumers on their favorite channels, whether it's through Facebook advertising or Instagram Stories. Similar to Google Ads, you must pay for visitors to interact on your page or site, and the cost may mount up rapidly with Facebook Ads. In light of this, effective ad campaigns on Facebook in 2022 may be strategically planned.


Email Marketing: 

While adding possibilities to your marketing funnel is excellent, email marketing also enables you to offer services to your contact list. While it's crucial to go by the rules to avoid being blocked from inboxes, sending emails with compelling and time-sensitive offers usually produces the desired outcomes. Don't be hesitant to build up automatic mailings depending on replies and actions, and think about marketing discounts or specials caused by seasonal demands.


Video Marketing: 

A video can communicate even more than a picture in the most effective and engaging manner. Youtube video marketing services allow customers to have an inside look at how you operate and your qualifications for the job as a plumber if you have images or videos of your work, such as a before and after. However, to ensure that your customers relate to them when they want to hire your services, you may ask clients to post reviews of their tasks. Also, keep movies brief and pristine with good picture quality and details about your service according to your site’s landing page. 

How much does a Digital marketing service for a plumbing service cost?

The average annual expenditure for internet marketing for plumbing companies ranges between $30,000 and $150,000. The monthly equivalent of the annual sum is between $2,500 and $12,500. Despite the fact that this may seem like a lot for a plumbing business, more and more companies are seeing digital marketing as a requirement. Positively, several digital marketing companies provide more reasonable packages. 

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What to Expect From Rise Socially?

An efficient strategy for your business to connect with potential customers and generate more appointments for you and your team is through digital marketing for plumbers.

RiseSocially can assist you if you need assistance with online marketing for plumbers! In addition to creating online leads by enhancing websites, our knowledgeable staff has expertise in helping plumbing firms with a variety of online marketing requirements.


Plumbers should invest in digital marketing since, if necessary, over 97 percent of individuals hunt for local plumbing services online. If your plumbing company’s internet presence is lacking, your competitors’ plumbers will book more work.

For your plumbing company, you want an original digital marketing strategy. Your monthly payment might range from $3,000 to over $10,000 depending on the digital marketing package you select and the services offered by the plan.

Unless you can stand to waste potential leads while you learn the ropes, there is nothing wrong with executing your digital marketing campaign. However, anyone can quickly understand digital marketing and run campaigns. Yet, a properly run digital marketing strategy yields greater results faster.

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