Instagram Marketing 2023: Tips & Tricks to Win Target Audience

Instagram marketing tips and tricks to get more reach and followers

Instagram is one of the most widely used social networking sites worldwide. It allows your business access to a market of more than a billion people who may consume your content and become brand influencers, ambassadors, and even consumers. 

While Instagram is an up-and-coming platform, you need to be tactical with your approach. 

How can you do that?

With the right Instagram Marketing Campaign. Here, this article brings you the techniques to increase your followers and reach your target audience. But before that, let us first go through some relevant Instagram data.

Instagram Statistics

  • 64% of Instagram users are under the age of 34.
  • Advertising on Instagram reached 1.440 billion users in July 2022, placing it fourth among the most 'active' social media platforms worldwide.
  • Users like 4.2 billion Instagram posts each day.
  • Engagement rates for posts on Instagram business accounts are approximately 0.83%.
  • India, the United States, and Brazil have the highest numbers of users, with 201 million, 157 million, and 115 million, respectively. 

All of these data collected from different sources serve as a blatant demonstration of the breadth of options and potential that Instagram offers.

What Does Instagram Marketing Entail? 

Instagram marketing includes a brand's promotion on the network.  Instagram marketing strategy helps companies interact with a large audience, build brand awareness, and increase sales through posts, stories, and reels. 

But What Makes Instagram For Marketing 2023 So Vital?

Well, Instagram is the ideal platform for reaching a large audience. With over 1 billion active users each month, Instagram is the second-most frequented social network behind Facebook. According to reports, most users spend an average of 53 minutes on this platform daily.

Further, Instagram makes it easier to keep in touch with clients and potential clients. 90% of users follow at least one business on Instagram, demonstrating how much people like connecting with companies through this platform.

Thus, a key benefit of successful Instagram campaigns is having access to a sizable audience that engages with companies and wants to purchase from them. 

How Is Instagram Beneficial For Business Growth?

Instagram has changed over the past several years from being a place to flaunt money or accomplishments to becoming a valuable business platform. There are four ways that Instagram might benefit your company.

Brand Development

In terms of brand visibility, Instagram marketing services are fantastic. 83% of users admit that this social network aids in researching new goods and services. Even better, customers have higher faith in the firms promoted on Instagram.

74% of people think Instagram-posted companies are relevant, and 78% think they're famous. In contrast, potential buyers are more inclined to steer clear of firms without an Instagram presence.

Improved Engagement

Social media is one of the finest platforms for keeping in touch with clients. They allow you to get input from your audience via likes or comments, engage them with compelling material, inform them about exclusive deals, and more.

Instagram is considerably more effective than other social media platforms at generating customer engagement. Instagram photos often receive 23% more engagement than Facebook posts, despite Facebook having twice as many active users.

Increased Sales

The Instagram audience knowingly makes purchases, as is previously known. According to reports by the best SMM services agency in India, 11% of social media users use Instagram to make purchases.

In other words, Instagram allows companies to make the most of their platform since it is aware of this characteristic. Users may purchase directly from Instagram thanks to the extensive toolkit that Instagram provides. A few of them are links in Instagram Stories, shopping tags, advertisements, and more. On the Instagram website, have a look at the entire list.

Audience Expansion

Instagram expands your company’s reach by enabling you to pinpoint your target market. Thanks to its targeting possibilities, Instagram Ads Manager provides this chance. According to demographic information, hobbies, behavior, and other factors, you may use them to identify the most appropriate audience.

Even better, Instagram Ads Manager offers you a variety of effective remarketing solutions. Combining targeting and retargeting enables you to move leads from other channels through quality Instagram prospects efficiently.

Instagram marketing builds your brand, attracts customers who are eager to make a purchase, and maintains their interest in your company. If you want to get the most out of this channel, keep reading and put up an Instagram sales strategy in the next section.

Actionable Instagram Tactics To Use In 2023 

Every marketing channel requires a thoughtful approach to provide outstanding results for your company. You can follow these detailed steps to create an Instagram marketing strategy for 2023.

1. Use Instagram Reels 

Instagram reels marketing strategy

According to Instagram, reels are the finest location to grow artistically, develop your community, and advance your career. Running an Instagram reels strategy is the quickest-increasing format on Instagram, where users spend 20% of their app time watching them. 

If you only have the opportunity to produce one adjustment to your social media plan to give your Instagram account more priority, make it this one.

2. Post Stories Frequently

Make sure your postings have a theme and a regular timetable. To develop a compelling Instagram posting strategy and to convey to people the tale you want to tell, you may schedule your updates. 

Additionally, by scheduling articles, you may create material in advance rather than improvising. Instagram story marketing is quite trending due to its focused and catchy approach. 

3. Keep Your Feed Updated  

Updating is essential. Following on Instagram is only one-half of the growth equation. The second part involves maintaining existing followers, so your following expands, which calls for a consistent supply of exciting information that doesn't overburden viewers.

As per data from Instagram, businesses publish about 1.64 main feed posts daily.

  • 58.6% of posts with images
  • 21.5% of postings were videos.
  • 19.9% of carousel posts

It might take some time to find your brand's rhythm. Take time to find out which development strategies are effective; check your Instagram statistics.

4. Zero Down On The Most Lucrative Clients In Your Speciality 

A number of factors determine the algorithm behind Instagram's in-feed suggestions. It is simple to focus on "their following." The algorithm will evaluate your area of expertise if you follow and engage with accounts in that specialty.

Pay attention to valuable industry accounts. The algorithm receives a stronger indication that their followers could be engaged in you if they follow you back. Shortly, increase your fan base.

5. Engage Your Audience 

The Instagram algorithm, which powers in-feed suggestions, is based on several factors. "Other individuals they follow" is an easy one to concentrate on. The algorithm will recognize you as belonging to that niche if you follow and interact with accounts in that niche.

Concentrate on having excellent interactions with high-value clients in your industry to engage an audience on Instagram. The algorithm will receive an even stronger signal that you would be attractive to individuals who follow them if you can capture their interest and convince them to follow you back.

6. Select The Appropriate Hashtag

instagram image and relevant hashtag example

Hashtags are a simple approach to increasing your visibility, which is essential for gaining new Instagram followers. Regardless of whether they follow you, everyone who clicks the popular hashtags for Instagram can view your post. Additionally, because users are free to pick which hashtags to follow, your post can show up in the primary feeds of your intended audience. Thus, you will be able to connect with potential followers who have chosen to watch material similar to yours but aren't currently following you.

But remember that the ideal quantity of hashtags on Instagram tends to fluctuate frequently. Instagram users have a limit of 30 hashtags per post and 10 for stories. Limit your usage of hashtags.

7. Take Advantage Of Your Bio 

optimized instagram bio example

Bio aids in growing your Instagram following. Your handle and profile name must be evident and pertinent for people to find and follow you on Instagram. It is preferable if your alias or nickname includes a suitable phrase.

Do not forget to include keywords. In 150 characters, begin introducing yourself and your brand to the public. Include your company's location so that you may attract local customers and make it simpler for other nearby businesses to locate you. This is advantageous for the entire business community.

8. Use High-Quality Images And Videos 

Using only the best, original, authentic images and videos are essential. Make sure that your Instagram video marketing campaign reaches out to the right consumers in forming a connection with the photos on a personal level. 

Video material needs to be entertaining, succinct, and educational to keep viewers interested. Create your principal theme and your intended message before everything else. You might entertain your consumers, highlight the culture of your business, or showcase your products.

9. Leverage The Instagram Live feature

Instagram Live is one of Instagram’s most participatory video platforms. It enables viewers to post comments and inquiries in real time. It plays a significant role in strengthening the bond between your brand and potential customers, enabling you to get insightful feedback directly from the people who matter the most.

On Instagram, your live feed takes precedence over each Story when you go live. This implies that you can attract the attention of your followers without being concerned about being penalized by the system.

10.  Use IGTV For Better Engagement

With IGTV, you can now increase your visibility and improve engagement and sales. In other words, this Instagram feature is a great choice to amuse, instruct, and engage your audience as well as grow your community in no time. It allows you to:

  • Repost and Repurpose Content to Give It a New Life
  • Create a Recurring Show
  • Post Tutorial Videos
  • Share Question and Answer Videos
  • Showcase Your Fresh Launches

Through IGTV, you can leave an impression on your customer base or followers that your product has value and help them imagine what it would be like to own it.

11. Create Excellent Captions

To gain more followers, Instagram captions need to do two things:

  • Inform the algorithm that your material is interesting and relevant 
  • Engage your fans to encourage them to continue following you

Instagram captions can be up to 2,200 characters, but that's improbable. Share your interesting tale if you have one. Using hashtags, keywords, and brief, snappy descriptions can also be helpful. You can ascertain what is most effective for your audience through testing and monitoring outcomes.

12. Use Geotags For Local Discoverability

example of geotag on instagram

People looking for that place might find your material by tagging your location in your posts or articles. It might assist in promoting your company locally to the appropriate clientele. You can share your blog articles and personal narratives about that area.

13. Stay Updated With Latest Trends

By following current trends, you may raise engagement and visibility. Match your hashtags and content to the current trends. Nevertheless, be cautious that your material is presented meaningfully and is pertinent to your audience.

You may get more visitors to your brand's page by holding competitions and giveaways. You may urge people to like, share, and comment. Additionally, you can also use a specific hashtag or look for new photo trends on Instagram to push your audiences to tag their friends for offers and giveaways.   

14. Steal Followers From Your Competitors 

By interacting with your competition, you may snag their followers. Users following your competitor's account represent a highly qualified audience who may define your brand. 

Conduct Instagram competitors analysis. Follow consumers, give them likes, and leave comments on their content to interact with them. The more you interact with them, the more probable your brand will grow.

15. Work With The Creators 

Instagram is seen by 79% of marketers as being the most crucial platform for influencer marketing initiatives. It argues that companies make $5.20 for every dollar they spend on influencer marketing.

You must pick the influencer whose followers are similar to your own. Make sure the influencers you collaborate with have engaged followers. Determine the audience's perceptions of an influencer as well. Hugely popular bloggers may incite more hate than affection. You won't increase your sales or subscription base by promoting through them, so carefully read the comments before working with one. 

16. Publish When Your Target Market Is Online 

ideal time to post on instagram for better engagement

Your audience anticipates frequent updates from you. Brands post new content 1.5 times each day on average. Keep your calendar in specialized post-scheduling services for greater efficiency. They let you have the images, posts, and hashtags close at hand in addition to being aware of what and when to publish. 

This will allow you to stick to proper time schedules when Instagram’s target market is active.  You can also automate your publishing, seek helpful information about when it was posted and get assistance in obtaining detailed analytics. 

17. Be original And Brand-Focused 

Keep your brand in mind. You must keep an eye on updates. It is not viable to constantly redesign your social media approach in response to algorithm updates. Instead, provide interesting material that embodies the principles of your company. It is a surefire approach to gaining a devoted audience over time.

Your Instagram branding strategy must have unique material. Anything you have produced that hasn't been published is considered original material. Reposting user-generated content is appropriate for social proof but has no positive impact on the rankings of your articles.

18. Experiment With Instagram Ads 

Instagram advertisements cannot be disregarded when talking about organic growth. The quickest technique to increase profile visits on Instagram is to boost a post or story. 

Instagram advertising strategy costs are ineffective unless the target audience sees them. Create a target demographic for your advertisements by analyzing your current followers. You can manage Instagram advertising with the aid of Meta Ads Manager. All you need to do is connect Instagram to Meta Business Manager and select Brand Awareness or Reach.

19. Use Instagram Tools

You may grow and interact with your audience using tools. They may assist you in planning your posts, provide statistics and insights, and help you choose the appropriate hashtags. Hootsuite, Later, and Linktree are some of the best Instagram marketing tools you can use for your campaign in 2023.

20. Promote Your Content On Other Social Media Channels 

Cross-posting is publishing the same material on many social networking platforms. Social media managers employ the strategy to assist them in saving time and money. Each time you post on social media, you won't need to create a distinctive update for each platform.

It is also very beneficial for social media managers since it streamlines your posting strategy. It further allows you to reuse material across many platforms and constantly update your social media channels.

contact us CTA image for instagram marketing services

Time To Get Started With Instagram Marketing In 2023!

Are you confused about where to start? Initiate your move by choosing an agency that can make your Instagram marketing strategy 2023 simple. You can plan and publish Instagram posts, engage with followers, and track progress from a single dashboard. All you need to do is to hire a Digital Marketing Agency that can assist you in running a successful Instagram marketing campaign. But make sure that you choose an Instagram marketing partner who can direct your brand toward the process of lead generation and client conversion.  


If you don’t already have one, start by opening an Instagram account. Create your profile as a creator or company next. Instagram offers various marketing platforms, from picture to video partnerships. To learn how to utilize Instagram for marketing, look at our guide to the platform’s best practices.

Depending on the bidding methodology, Instagram advertising typically costs between $0.20 and $6.70. 

  1. $0.20 to $2 per click for CPC. 
  2. $6.70 for every 1000 impressions for CPM. 
  3. $0.01 and $0.05 per engagement for CPE.

To reach new people, always utilize relevant hashtags. Maintain a consistent publishing schedule and theme with the latest trends. Also, do not forget to be relevant and authentic in your approach.

The top Instagram marketing tools include Loomly, AgoraPulse, PromoRepublic, Buffer, Hootsuite, Social Pilot, Sprout Social, Sendible, and Later.

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