A 10 Minute Magento SEO Services Guide For eCommerce Websites

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Many major organizations, like GE, Skype, Lenovo, and Samsung, utilize Magento as their preferred eCommerce platform, attesting to the reality that it is one of the most popular, strong, and reliable platforms available today. However, you must keep in mind that without the correct SEO strategy to support it, any eCommerce site matter how durable or dependable—is essentially powerless.

37.5% of all traffic to ecommerce sites comes from search.


It goes without saying that SEO for Magento is essential since more search engine traffic ultimately leads to more conversions (sales), which in turn puts the "cash registers" rolling for online stores. This means that you require a carefully thought-out and organized SEO strategy for your website, which can only be achieved by hiring expert Magento SEO services. 

Why is SEO still a high-value traffic driver in years to come?

How can SEO help in gaining better traffic over the long run?

It is frequently observed in many eCommerce businesses that they completely disregard search engine optimization in favor of promoting sponsored adverts. They believe that using or employing Magento search engine optimization services won't be useful. Paid commercials, such as PPC, do really deliver an immediate reaction. And we agree with that. But what comes next? If you don't have any more money set aside for paying to run ads on Google or Bing.

23.6% of ecommerce orders are directly linked to organic traffic.

Business Insider

A search engine is where 93 percent of internet buyers begin their trip. Customers have you as a choice since you are listed on search engine result pages. We recognize that it will take time for the search engine optimization specialists you engage to help your online business rank on Google. But patience is the key. If you want your eCommerce gateway to be around for a while. Then you may reap the rewards of putting SEO into practice. The advantages are listed below.

  • Long-term outcomes.
  • Clicks do not have to cost money.
  • No pressure to provide a daily budget, as with PPC.

Nearly 90% of consumers prefer to click on websites that are appearing naturally. This immediately makes it evident to you how important Magento eCommerce SEO Services in India are and why.


How can Organic search be beneficial for your e-commerce business?

Benefits of organic search

The greatest SEO techniques must be used if one wants to increase internet visibility, traffic, income, and quality leads. SEO is a long-term game, though, and not everyone wants to play by himself. To improve your ranking, you must invest person-hours in learning and using the always-evolving SEO concepts. In actuality, Magento SEO is not a single, all-encompassing SEO plan. It is the synthesis of several little tactics.

Search engines drive 10x more traffic to ecommerce sites than social media.

Search Engine Land

In the long run, it is, therefore, more practical and cost-effective to employ a Magento SEO Optimization business to handle everything for you.

Grow Traffic and Increase Revenue with Magento SEO

Any SEO strategy's main objectives are to increase traffic and sales. As long as customers continue to visit and make purchases at your shop, your SEO approach is effective.

Magento has an SEO score of 100/100.


In addition to enhancing your website's overall rating, our comprehensive SEO approach also enhances the consumer experience by utilizing keyword research, technical SEO, competition analysis, speed management, and several other SEO strategies.

Customers are more likely to stay on your website if it loads quickly, is natural-looking, and is simple to use. As a fundamental component of any Magento shop, we customize every phase of the SEO optimization process to the expertise of the clients.

Improve Online Visibility and Brand Awareness

We are able to help your website rank better and be found more frequently than your rivals thanks to the wide variety of effective SEO tactics for Magento we employ. Rise Socially takes pleasure in maximizing return on investment for our clients' investments and increasing organic traffic to the website.

But we go further than that.

We test and evaluate SEO analytics often in order to adjust our techniques as necessary. You won't need to be concerned about just how your site is found if you use our Magento SEO management services. We'll offer thorough reports and data for monitoring performance.

5 factors that make SEO more vital than other digital marketing channels

Boost Customer Experience and Overall Website Ranking

To help your business expand and prosper, you should employ SEO as a crucial component of your internet marketing plan. And Rise Socially, which offers the top Magento SEO solution, will assist you. We use a data-driven method to create a unique high-end SEO plan that meets the demands of our clients. Our search engine optimization services increase income and are supported by analysis.

To increase traffic, we won't merely cram your website with keywords. In order to increase your revenue with the increasing traffic metrics, we will customize the SEO approach to your target consumer.

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How does Our Magento SEO Optimization Strategy work?

Well, our Magento services come in different packages and usually consist of around four to five steps. It starts up with a personal consultation, analysis, setting up of the SEO Toolkit, and an optional link-building phase. Let’s get started:

Step 1: Personal level consultation: First, our project managers and company development associates meet with you in person to address your point and go through the potential project.

Step 2: Detailed SEO Audit: After that, we'll carry out a detailed examination of your store, checking everything like site referrals, meta tags, headings, canonical URLs, XML sitemaps, loading times, etc. unique report with thorough instructions on how to raise your SERP ranking.

Step 3: Configuration of the SEO Toolkit: The SEO Toolkit extension will then be installed and configured in accordance with your company's demands because, out of the box, this package only enables the resolution of SEO issues, not their detection.

Step 4: Perform a link audit: In accordance with the audit package you select, we may also evaluate your links and make suggestions.

Step 5: SEO audit Reporting: The SEO audit's highlighted points, together with the sources utilized to research your website, will be sent to you as a final step.

Website SEO Optimization for Magento

Your website will be the first thing our Magento SEO optimization team examines. In order to guarantee greater site ranks, more site visitors, and ultimately more conversions, our skilled and experienced Magento search engine optimization staff is well knowledgeable in applying optimal SEO methods on your website.

Individual URL Mapping: 

To guarantee that your users have a smooth and error-free migration experience, we will help you migrate from your current platform to Magento and make sure that we put up the necessary URL redirects for each page on your existing website.

Create a Canonical URL: 

By default, Magento generates numerous URLs for each product. This occasionally causes the search engines to become confused and mistake your material for duplicate content, which lowers your search engine rankings. In order to prevent your content from being flagged as duplicate, Rise Socially will work with YOU to choose the best product URLs. We'll then designate these as the "preferred" URLs that search engines will browse.

Integration of Google Analytics and Webmaster: 

On your Magento website, our Magento optimization specialists will install Google Analytics code, enabling you to carefully track website traffic rates. We'll make sure you can monitor both website visitors and eCommerce transactions.

Magento Google Feed: 

You may get assistance from our Magento SEO experts with the intent of connecting your Magento store to your Google Merchant Center account. Including in Magento all necessary qualities, we also focus on converting the properties of your goods into those of Google Merchant Center and putting your Magento Google feed online.

Sitemaps for Google: 

We will produce a prioritized XML sitemap for you that all the main search engines, including Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others, can utilize.

Magento Site Plug-ins

Our staff will create and set up any plugins necessary to enhance site functionality and gain more search engine exposure.

SEO Content Writing: 

There is no getting around the fact that content is king in terms of SEO for Magento. If your website lacks relevant content, it is useless to even consider Magento SEO. Our top-notch copywriters in our Magento optimization department will create interesting, keyword-rich content for your website. We'll take care to steer clear of the frequent flaws that Google (and other search engines) penalize, such as bad language, keyword stuffing, and sentence construction mistakes.

Keyword exploration and optimization: 

In order to secure long-term results for these keywords, our Magento SEO optimization team will thoroughly investigate the market for your items, assess all the relevant keywords for your site, and put tactics into place. We will accurately apply your website's meta tags and include them in the appropriate title and meta description. We'll provide you with thorough performance information on your rivals as well as weekly and quarterly ranking upgrades!

Link Exchange Control: 

As one of the finest ways to increase credibility in the eyes of the search engines, our Magento SEO optimization team will make sure that reliable connections from other websites lead back to your site. All inbound links will be regularly checked for legitimacy and quality.

Social Media Marketing: 

We acknowledge that one of the most effective ways to promote your product or website is through social media. Establishing and promoting your brand's visibility throughout all major social platforms, including Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, YouTube, Digg, etc., is the goal of our Magento SEO support team.


Can Magento SEO help your site rank better?

How is RiseSocially going to help you to rank high in SERPs?

The majority of businesses in India and elsewhere on the planet claim that we offer the best SEO services for Magento. What then prompts you to select our Magneto SEO services despite the availability of several alternatives? 

Well, there are several good reasons why you should use our SEO for Magento sites:

  • The results are the first feature that sets our Magento SEO firm apart from others. We indicated earlier that our outcomes speak louder than words. We have an extensive rank report and a track record of success.
  • The second point is that we have more than six years of expertise with eCommerce SEO. Our primary service is providing SEO for Magento.
  • Further, we are Magento SEO experts in navigating complicated problems, which most online retailers deal with, and as a result, their search engine optimization is suffering.
  • We only focus on achieving top ranks for extremely competitive business keywords that increase revenue and return on investment.
  • We firmly believe that Transparency is key.


What will you get with Rise Socially SEO Services?

  • Keyword analysis: To reach your target audiences, find keywords that most closely match the search queries.
  • On-page SEO: Examine and improve the content, headers, tags, URLs, pictures, and UX signals for targeted audiences and search engines.
  • Off-page SEO: Monitor and enhance backlinks, anchor texts, brand mentions, and the "Google my business" profile 
  • Technical SEO: Review and improve the XML sitemap, the structured data, the performance, and the security of the website. Get rid of duplicate material and 404 error pages
  • Analyzing competitors: Determine your SEO rivals and keyword gaps. Review the articles, highlighted excerpts, and other materials of your rivals.
  • Regular Reporting: Deliver reliable SEO reports that detail how your website's ranking or income has benefited from SEO initiatives.
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Boost your Website Traffic & Increase your conversions

We recognize that it might be challenging, to put it mildly, to locate the best Magento SEO company to offshore your Magento eCommerce SEO requirements. To help you experience the caliber of our Magento SEO services personally before investing in a long-term collaboration, we offer you to try out a free trial of our search engine optimization services.

So, if you're looking to outsource your needs, look no further than the best Magento SEO company. Get in touch with us right now to see why our Magento optimization services are considered some of the finest in the business.


It’s the right time to know about the top-notch Magento SEO extensions for your eCommerce website such as:

  • SEO Suite
  • SEO Rich Snippets
  • Advance Sitemap & SEO Suite
  • Advanced SEO by Activo
  • Fortunately, the good news for eCommerce owners is that the Magento platform is well-designed for SEO. As it is open-source, eCommerce store owners have extensive control over various SEO elements such as sitemap.xml, robots.txt, metadata, redirects, and more.

    The Yoast SEO extension was only tested and certified for Magento 2 Open Source. However, it is incompatible with the Commerce and Cloud editions. Furthermore, it only supports Magento 2.2.x versions, whereas the most recent Magento version is 2.3.

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