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Last updated date: 24 December 2021

Rise Socially – Privacy Policy

At Rise Socially we respect our clients privacy concerns and follow a comprehensive policy to safeguard our customers personal data. The following document explains our privacy policies and privacy protection practises concerning accessing and using your personal data at all interaction points. In case you have any queries regarding this privacy policy or our principles of protecting your personal data, you can get in touch with us by dropping an email at [email protected].

The following Privacy Policy applies to all users and customers interacting without our website or any of our digital platforms and providing any form of personal information. This privacy policy explains the kind of personal information we collect, the way we use such information, how we handle the data, and the measures we take to protect the information. The policy also explains how long we store the personal data, the people with whom we share the same, to the people and third-party organisations we transfer it, the kind of rights these people have in using your personal data and the conditions for using personal data by these individuals and third-party organisations. In this document we also explain how you can come to touch with us regarding our privacy practises and to exercise your privacy rights. Lastly, through this document we affirm that our privacy practises and principles fully adhere to the laws and regulations of the respective countries.

What information do we collect and store?

We only collect information regarding the timing of your use of our websites and other applications. We keep this information only at instances when the users choose to give it to us. This information belongs to the categories like the uses of information, the purpose of using information, the way user information is processed and protected, people with whom the information is shared and your rights for the information as specified by the applicable regulation.

Administrative Laws and Jurisdictions

The following privacy Agreement is fully governed in all respects such as validity, explanation, interpretation and enactment, by the Indian Penal Code. Naturally, all disputes between the participant Parties regarding the agreement shall be decided upon by the competent legal authority in India.

Cookie Policies

Cookies represent small pieces of user data stored locally on the user’s devices. The cookies are used for a variety of purposes. A few purposes of storing and using cookies include the following.

The functional cookies are basically used to optimise the user experience of the website for visitors.

The Analytics cookies such as that of Google Analytics are used for analysing visitors activities and the way they use the website. This helps in improving the website user experience.

Some third-party cookies are used for social plugins such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

Cookie Usage Policies

We make use of cookies and other tracking technologies to accurately monitor user activities on our platforms and only selectively keep some particular information for improving the quality of services. Some of the other tracking technologies we use other than cookies include fingerprints and biometric authentication data, web beacons and pixels, ultrasound beacons, super cookies, zombie cookies, etc.

We also allow you the freedom to instruct the browser to refuse using cookies. But if you refuse to opt for using cookies, you may be restricted from accessing a certain portion of our apps or websites or services.

Opting out for Advertising Cookies

At Rise Socially, we also use cookies from different advertisers to optimise the user experience on our website. Thanks to these cookies we can make it possible to display mist relevant ads to the users.

On the other hand, we also offer the option to opt out of the advertiser cookies. We provide here the link in this privacy policy to disable this cookie anytime.

Data Security

At Rise Socially we adhere to stringent security measures and precautions to safeguard user information to prevent all types of unauthorised access to user data. By using encryption we prevent all kinds of unauthorised access whether internally and externally. We only allow access to user information to a few handful of designated employees responsible for processing the information for the intended purpose. All these employees are bound by obligations about maintaining confidentiality and are liable to face termination from their jobs and criminal prosecution in failing to adhere to these obligations.

User Access and User Control of Information

At Rise Socially, in good faith efforts we allow our customers access to their personal information when corrections with the existing data or deletion of the same are required. But at the same time to access the information and carry out the required changes, you first need to identify the data required for editing and make requests specifying the same. We also hold the absolute right to decline any such requests that seem to be unreasonable, repetitive, illegal, or requests that can disturb the privacy of other customers.

Contact Us

In case you want more clarity on the above mentioned privacy policies and in case of any further queries regarding the same, you can mail us to [email protected]