Why Ignoring SEO Maintenance Will Cost You Time and Sales

Are you aware of the importance of search engine optimization (SEO)?

Over 90% of online encounters start as a result of the SEO rank of which 33% of the total search traffic goes to the first-ranking website. But is conducting SEO one time enough? Well, no! For ensuring top ranking and consistent SEO upkeep, it is necessary to consider SEO maintenance services.

But what exactly is SEO maintenance, and how does it maintain your plan operating at its best? This SEO maintenance guide will cover all you need to know (and do) to keep and raise your SEO rankings, so keep reading.

SEO Maintenance – Show Your SEO Love!!

The systematic, ongoing practice of maintaining and boosting your ranks in search results through enhancing the SEO of your website is known as SEO maintenance. It might comprise duties that span from updating material to correcting broken web links on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis such as:

Website Performance: 

SEO requires you to monitor the performance of your pages and website. You must track everything starting from your rankings, click-through rate (CTR), page visits, and other metrics should all be tracked. Your team may identify pages that require your assistance by using these digital marketing indicators. You can use these two SEO reporting tools to keep track of the performance of your website: Google Analytics and Google Search Console by Google. It will help you to track the effectiveness of your website, generate SEO reports, and identify pages that require SEO upkeep.

Local Listings: 

It's crucial for local companies to keep their listings up to date. This is so since most customers locate your company through local directories. As part of your SEO maintenance, keep the name, location, and phone number of your business up-to-date. To log and track changes, you may complete this process using either premiers local listing management solutions like LocalFX or free ones like Google Sheets. If done manually, this continuous SEO maintenance activity might take some time depending on how many listings you have. 


Broken links, commonly known as 404s, are a concern for consumers and search engines like Google. They take both people and search engine crawlers in the wrong direction. Users will locate another site from the search results if they click on your website from the search results and land on a 404 page. This practice referred to as "pogo-sticking," lowers your position in search results. However, your SEO maintenance program can identify and correct broken links. 

Pogo Sticking

Optimize Your Content: 

You must concentrate on three elements when it comes to continuous SEO upkeep for content: Content Relevance, Search Intent, and Keyword Usage. Some pages may match the search intent and have appropriate material, but they may target out-of-date terms. Or it might be that despite accuracy, your content doesn't match the search intent for the keywords you've chosen. In any case, seek affordable SEO maintenance services to assess all of the pages on your website and make the necessary adjustments.

Ongoing SEO Maintenance – Your Need to Succeed!

Regular SEO upkeep is essential for a number of reasons, including:

Rankings In Search Results Aren’t Permanent

You may anticipate cheers and high-fives when you achieve a first-page or number-one ranking. But many businesses overlook the fact that rankings are temporary. Someone else could overtake your company's top spot just as a rival could take it.

To maintain your rankings, you will always need to put in work, which is where SEO maintenance comes in handy. Rankings fluctuate throughout time, highlighting the need for SEO upkeep. You need to fight back against the competition by making SEO maintenance service a key component of your SEO strategy. You can alter keyword targeting, replace broken links, and more in addition to refreshing the text. These activities can support your company's efforts to maintain your pages relevant and useful to users. However, if you don't update your material, you may anticipate losing your ranks and dropping to page two or worse.

Search Engine Algorithms Aren’t Static

The algorithms behind search engines and rankings are updated often. For instance, Google releases tens of thousands of algorithm updates annually. These upgrades might be minor adjustments or significant changes that have an impact on your SEO strategy. So, if your business does not prioritize SEO upkeep, outdated pages on your website are left open to changes. Since Google now considers page speed as a ranking element, an older sluggish page, for instance, can see a drop in ranks.

Your website traffic, lead generation efforts, and sales figures might all suffer from that decline. However, you may continue to maintain current website pages and their ranks with continuous SEO maintenance. This can assist your company in creating a competitive website that experiences ongoing development in terms of internet traffic, online sales, web phone calls, and other factors.

Why seo maintenance required

Competitors Aren’t Ignoring SEO Maintenance

In the past, companies could neglect SEO upkeep and notice a minimal change in their rankings. But that has changed. Now that more businesses are utilizing SEO and investing in SEO maintenance, rivals are forced to either embrace SEO maintenance strategies or give up traffic, sales, and money.

You must keep up with your site and strategy if your company wants to be competitive and visible in search results. Otherwise, you're investing in an SEO strategy that will only result in returns over the short term rather than the long term. Use SEO maintenance to stay competitive and obtain the top rank in search results.

SEO Isn’t A Once-And-Done Strategy

While certain digital marketing tactics, like pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, may have a short-term purpose, SEO operates as a long-term plan and necessitates ongoing upkeep to provide the highest return on investment (ROI). You won't get the results you (or your company's business executives) anticipate from SEO if your firm views it as a one-time technique. Instead, you'll receive little to no benefit from your work.

If you apply SEO maintenance, it won't have to happen. You may take a number of consistent actions to preserve and raise your rankings by performing frequent SEO maintenance. Your continuous SEO maintenance plan can just take a few hours out of your schedule each month, according to the size of your website. Plan Next Month’s Action Items

Benefits of SEO maintenance

How Does SEO Maintenance Work? 

SEO maintenance can be classified into several categories based on the time interval between each. Let’s have a look at them:


Educate Yourself

A crucial component of SEO that needs to be included in any maintenance or continuing management strategy is staying current on industry news. It includes monitoring the important updates and alerts the search engines themselves release, as well as keeping up with SEO best practices and breaking news from websites like Search Engine Journal.

Large changes in the market are difficult to ignore. However, when you overlook them or best practices become old, smaller, more subtle alterations might get accentuated. Don't lag behind or use out-of-date strategies!

Know Your Current Metrics

For e-commerce brands and businesses, it's crucial to monitor your critical SEO performance indicators in real-time, or at least once per day. It is critical to understand how your website is performing in search using top-level data in order to spot any warning signs. These could consist of a decline in organic traffic or the number of leads or sales.

However, before they have an influence on your overall marketing and company goals, you must be able to identify problems and turn around any unfavorable patterns. By monitoring real performance, you may contrast it with benchmarks and baselines. It will ensure that your metrics adequately comprehend cause and effect and that a problem doesn't arise for an excessively long period of time before you can take action.

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Make Progress On Tactics

Without a plan, process, or well-defined approach, you risk wasting a lot of time on low-priority, low-affect SEO tactics.  The daily process should contain clear objectives, benchmarks, and doable steps that contribute to the greater goal. The strategies may involve undertaking tasks for the first time in a phased fashion or focusing on repeatable actions.


Report On Performance

Since monthly SEO checklists are concentrated, time may be set aside to compare a larger sample size of data and identify trends. Reports on monthly performance should compare the current month's results year over year as well as any applicable year-to-date statistics.

Be consistent and use intervals that are significant. Finding trends that are challenging to identify in small sample numbers is made easier by looking at longer periods of time. Also remember to uncover and emphasize any tales of what and why for target deviations, celebrations for surpassing objectives, and indicators that require potential adjustments to the strategy through a dashboard or snapshot summary of the performance data.

Recap Completed & Continuing Action Items

This is an opportunity to compare the strategy with the strategies and execution from the previous month. Check the following things:

  • Has everything been finished?
  • There were any alterations?
  • What challenges or stumbling blocks had to be overcome?

Basically, the past should be used to influence the present. You should be able to gain a general understanding of what actually influences SEO performance when you mix the action items and approaches with the performance data.

Plan Next Month’s Action Items & Evaluate The Plan

For establishing accountability for work completion, monthly intervals are excellent. Things in SEO change even when the year is planned out, and performance isn't always what we anticipate after doing something for the first time.

By using a monthly planning method, changes may be made to the strategy, such as doubling in on a particular technique or revising the entire strategy to recalibrate. You may avoid overanalyzing situations and reacting hastily while simultaneously making sure that you don't allow too much time to pass and lose track of trends.


Technical Issues Auditing

It's crucial to take a broader look through an audit each quarter, assuming you have already addressed technical concerns at the beginning of your SEO emphasis and are keeping an eye out for those that raise red lights in daily and weekly monitoring.

Examining concerns that have been reported in Bing Webmaster Tools and Google Search Console should be part of this audit. Additionally, comparisons to benchmarks and standards for site performance, mobile usability, structured data validation, and the less often examined factors will be made.

On-Page Issues Auditing

Things happen on websites even when they are regularly monitored and without an audit procedure. Duplicate tags, duplicate content, or even missing on-page components may result from a code change, database update, plugin/extension update, or publishing material. It is crucial to undertake a quarterly audit of on-page problems utilizing a variety of both free and paid third-party solutions.

In any case, it's critical to have a strong set of tools and a process for quarterly review and comparison to the previous audit in order to guarantee that the findings of the audit and any necessary corrections are recognized and included in the tactical plan.

Link Profile Auditing

The whole SEO strategy probably involves some kind of link development. It is likely a component of the ongoing strategies (or should be taken into consideration, if it isn't), whether that be through drawing links with interesting material or by developing a more targeted plan of study and outreach.

How to perform backlink auditing

It is crucial to have insight into the entire link profile and development because the approaches need time and effort commitment. This performance parameter may be monitored during the monthly reporting phase, but a more thorough audit should take place periodically.

Local Listings Audit

Once local listings administration is in maintenance mode, significant NAP (name, address, phone) data updates and listing data discrepancies won't be required as frequently. That does not imply, however, that it won't occur or that you can "set it and forget it."

NAP Consistency

At the very least regularly, it is strongly encouraged to conduct an audit utilizing outside tools to make sure the data is accurate and consistent. This audit can point up problems that can be fixed on a one-time basis and offer advice on performance and any necessary adjustments to the listings' content, reviews, and other features outside of the fundamental NAP information. The information in a Google Business Profile may be replaced with erroneous listing information if any missing third-party data sources or listings were present.


Measure Performance

Taking a full year of data and assessing it is important to advise strategy and uncover quantifiable ROI estimates when conducting yearly plans for SEO, as well as when not on yearly agreements or assessment cycles. 

To get the most strategic advantage in search engines, SEO is a long-term process. Examining performance data at 12-month intervals, contrasting it with earlier times, looking at benchmarks, and celebrating triumphs are all worthwhile investments of effort. Even if you don't have yearly budgets or contracts with external partners/providers, it's crucial to take a step back every year and see performance and effort as an investment rather than as an expenditure.

Planning Strategy & Tactics

Apart from examining annual performance statistics, you must also make plans for your objectives, strategy, and tactics for the upcoming year in. Even if the plan could become maintenance after a week, having a strategy and establishing goals is essential for gauging success.  In the absence of an efficient plan, your expectations and reality may differ. So, it is recommended to resolve this issue now rather than months from now.

What is SEO Maintenance all about according to SEO Experts?

According to SEO Experts from a professional SEO services company in India, continuing SEO services should comprise:

  • Regular examination and evaluation of analytics.
  • Alterations made in response to analytical conclusions.
  • Creating and modifying content to improve chances of getting found.
  • Regular reporting and evaluation to make sure objectives are being. met, or at the very least, progressing in the correct way.
  • Seize any market chances that present themselves.
  • Recognize early indicators of declining traffic.

What excludes “SEO Maintenance”?

  • The inclusion of keywords in meta tags.
  • Establishing connections from low-quality directories, guest blogging platforms, article directories, or syndication services, or purchasing inexpensive links.
  • Sending a PDF of an analytics report without offering any context and calling it a day.
  • Performing the same "maintenance" duties that you did three years ago.
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When Are You Getting Your SEO Maintenance Aone? 

Each of us invests in and makes efforts in SEO with a certain set of objectives in mind. Having a framework and order for the way the job is done may keep your time and effort focused rather than allowing you to react and get drawn into the things that scream the loudest.

By following a predetermined rhythm and structure in your approach, you can balance both planned operations and keep the flexibility required to respond quickly to changing circumstances, whether they relate to technical variables, on-page, content, or backlinks. Additionally, make sure that SEO work progresses and that priorities remain balanced.


The continual practice of making changes to your website for optimal search engine ranking is known as SEO maintenance. In order to compete with other organizations that also use SEO firms to maintain their business at the top, the emphasis is on making sure that your content appropriately represents the website.

According to a full-service digital marketing agency in India and other sector specialists, you must review your keyword strategy every three to six months- at least three to six months before any campaign or promotion.

The continual practice of making changes to your website for optimal search engine ranking is known as SEO maintenance. In order to contend with other organizations that also use SEO firms to maintain their business at the top, the emphasis is on making sure that your content appropriately represents the website.

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