11 Effective Ways to Turn Twitter Into a Lead Generation Platform

11 Effective Ways to Turn Twitter into a Lead Generation Platform

Social networking websites have grown in popularity among individuals of all ages because of how simple it is to access and connect to them. Social media marketing is currently utilized for more than simply communication. In the past, individuals used it to connect with their family and friends. These platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok can be used for everything, including lead generation, networking, and job possibilities.

With its 211 million daily users, Twitter has enormous potential as a lead generation and company promotion tool. Some individuals question if it's worthwhile to spend time on Twitter for lead generation. But in fact, most individuals seek suggestions or search for comments before ordering services or products on social networking platforms like Twitter. 

Because of this, using Twitter as a lead-generating tool to expand your business is beneficial regardless of whether your firm offers services to businesses (B2B) or consumers (B2C).

Twitter.com is the 9th most visited website globally

The issue at hand is how a social media platform like Twitter can provide leads. There are several options for doing this. Here in the guide, you will come across some practical Twitter lead generation strategies you may use to market your business and create leads. But before that, let us first understand Twitter as a lead-generating platform…

twitter lead generation flow chart

Why is Twitter a perfect platform for lead generation?

With social media, you have a variety of ways to interact with your audience. Instagram is ideal for visually appealing firms. Facebook is fantastic for those who build vibrant communities. And, LinkedIn is excellent for B2B solutions.

Twitter is the world’s 7th favorite social media platform

Similarly, Twitter is a fantastic platform since it works with every existing brand. Due to its functionality and wide user base, marketers may simply interact with their customers. In actuality, 93% of Twitter users say they are amenable to conversations with companies provided they are handled properly.

Basically, Twitter excels as a lead-generating medium because of three factors:

Ease in Exploring Fresh Content 

New accounts are really simple to find on Twitter because they show up on your timeline! Well, many people dislike Twitter's algorithm. It displays tweets from profiles you don't follow that enable users to network and discover new accounts. This algorithm's reasoning is straightforward. If the people you follow like a certain tweet or follow a particular account, you likely find them interesting as well. This algorithm makes it simple to find new users and start communities.

Geared to strike conversations with strangers

Interactions with strangers are not only permissible but also quite common. It is because you might run into an intriguing topic at any time. For instance, on Facebook or Instagram, it's OK to remark on a post by an influencer or other authority figure, but it appears intrusive if you're a company commenting on a user's personal post who has 300 followers.

Twitter is the exact opposite. You may quickly communicate with anyone who has an open account there. This suggests that since consumers frequently connect with strangers, it is OK for brands to do the same.

Twitter Communities

Communities are formed as a result of the facilitated discovery. They might not be as evident as the communities on Facebook or Reddit. There isn't a specific group or Reddit section to join to participate in discussions on marketing, for instance. But hashtags and links between these communities bind them together. The network that could be ready to buy is where you will locate your target market.

Let's go to the how-to now that we understand how Twitter can be used for lead creation.

Twitter Lead Generation Cards - How much do you Know?

The Twitter Lead Generation Cards were introduced back in the year 2013. It functioned by enabling users to submit their contact information on a form that could be linked to a tweet, rather than having to navigate away from Twitter.

At the time when Twitter only permitted 140 characters per tweet, these lead generation cards came into existence. Brands were able to surpass that cap as more individuals learned how to make Twitter cards. It resembles how you share someone else's stuff on Facebook in certain ways. A "card" will be added to the user's tweet when they tweet a link to your material, making it visible to all of their followers.

Twitter cards are graphic elements on your Twitter stream that give you additional room to interact with your followers. The cards can help you to:

  • Expand your Twitter following
  • Increase your following with engaging conversations
  • Promote more conversions
  • Produce engaging and clickable tweets
  • Attract visitors to your website

Types of Twitter Cards

Comparatively speaking, tweets with media attachments get higher exposure. In fact, tweets containing graphics increase leads by 55 percent and retweets by 41 percent. As a result, Twitter lead generation cards can have a comparable effect.

What lead generation Twitter card do you believe you should use, then?

There are now the following cards available for selection:

1. Summary Card

The default card for Twitter is the lead generation card. Your text may be condensed into a concise picture that includes a title, a description, and an image. Even better, you may include a link to your website at the bottom of the card.

twitter summary card

By doing this, you may give potential customers a sneak peek at your offerings before they visit your website. This may be the best choice for you if your objective is to increase visitors to your blogs.

The following is a list of the contents of your tweet when you're using a summary card:

  • Limitations on the title and description are 70 and 200 characters, respectively. 
  • A 120*120 pixel picture with a maximum file size of 1 MB.

These lead-generating Twitter cards can be used for a number of things:

  • Highlight this month's top-selling item
  • Highlight the week's news
  • Post the newest specials in your online store.
  • Publicize fresh blogs or articles

Businesses who want their content to stand out should use this card. However, you must first evaluate the demands and objectives of your business before selecting this Twitter card.  

2. App Card

Regarding providing brand owners with mobile app adverts, Twitter's approach is ideal. A few lines of code can enable your business to produce an app that is accessible through the Play Store or the App Store while also giving a comprehensive mobile experience.

You may give your audience a sneak peek of your mobile app by employing an App Card. It includes a description and either the product's rating or price. The link you provide will take users directly to the Play Store or App Store.

twitter app card

Twitter is a terrific way to promote your newest applications because the majority of consumers utilize it to find new ideas. You can put the following in your tweet when you utilize the app card:

  • The 200-character description limit
  • The title brought up from your app ID
  • A picture of your app's logo (the image should be at least 800 by 320 pixels and can be in JPEG, JPG, GIF, or PNG format) from your app ID.

A new app that you're releasing to the market may be highlighted with the app card. So, be aware that the app must be accessible to everyone in the app store. Twitter can only access its information in this way. Additionally, the title and the picture for your app card will be taken straight from the retailer. Therefore, be careful to pick the best image.

The best advice is to double-check everything before pressing the publish button.

4. Player App

Customers nowadays still exhibit interest in multimedia information; therefore a Player Card is an ideal method to capitalize on the fad to grow your business or organization. A unique and interesting way for customers to interact is often provided by this kind of Twitter card. But setting it up might be a little challenging. Therefore, you must make sure that your material precisely complies with the requirements.

twitter player app card

What may be written in your tweet when you utilize the player card is broken down as follows:

  • A multi-media file with the following specifications: Baseline Profile, H.264, level 3.0, and 640 x 480 pixels at 30 frames per second (BPS)
  • Low Complexity Profile and AAC audio

Effective Twitter Lead Generation Strategies

Here are the top tips for lead generation through Twitter that can help you take your brand to newer heights:

1. Work on your Twitter Bio

When someone looks you up on Twitter, they first look at your bio. Even though there are just 160 characters, there is still plenty of room for impact. The majority of individuals offer a brief summary of who they are and what they do, but that information need not be uninteresting. Thus, your bio can be a fantastic lead generation technique on Twitter if you do the following:

  • Add Links to your top or newest works
  • Connection to your email newsletter or lead magnet
  • A CTA directing users to a landing page with an attractive offer
  • Hashtags associated with your main subject

pinned tweet

Using keywords in the bio and including details about achievements or other forms of social proof are two further suggestions for Twitter bios.

2. Segment your audience with lists

It is challenging to communicate personally with every one of your followers on Twitter due to the enormous amount of tweets. Unless they directly mention you and you are watching those mentions, the majority of their tweets will pass you by before you get an opportunity to see them.

77% of Twitter users feel more positive about brands that are community and society focused

Twitter lists have a role in this.

Making lists enables you to divide your Twitter followers into more manageable groupings so you can follow their tweets and engage with them.


This is a terrific method to establish more of a personal connection with certain following groups so they get to know you and your company and become leads.

  • Niche markets include things like digital marketing and content marketing.
  • Actions, such as listings of customers that own your stuff
  • Status terms like present clients or interested audience

3. Show Creativity in your Tweets

Writing better tweets is one of the top Twitter lead creation tactics. Status updates, photos, links, and videos are all common formats for tweets, but certain formats garner more interest than others.

creative twitter post

Making your tweets more engaging is one approach to remove the guesswork and create tweets that will inspire your Twitter audience to reply and share. Choosing the appropriate combination of tweets is also crucial. The potential for lead creation on Twitter will be diminished if all of your tweets are promotional. Your Twitter stream, according to Lead Forensics, should include:

  • 30% of the material is your own, including blog posts.
  • 60% of the content is curated content, or material from other people you believe is worth sharing.
  • 10% of the material is promotional

If you strike the appropriate balance, you may persuade your audience to pay attention to all of your material.

4. Use Trending Hashtags

According to Cumulus Media, there are 452,000 tweets sent every minute, which means you have a lot of social media noise to break through. Using the appropriate hashtags can help individuals who are browsing Twitter to understand what your tweets and your company are all about.

Twitter hashtags example

Finding out which hashtags are most used in your area is a smart move, and hashtags.org, which records and evaluates hashtag performance, is the best resource for this.

  • You can use hashtags.org
  • Find out which hashtags are popular or trending.
  • Find out what certain hashtags signify
  • Make up your own hashtags, for a customized Twitter discussion, for instance.
  • Look up niche-specific websites using Google.

If you want to prevent a brand hashtag disaster, which can be extremely embarrassing and potentially destroy your Twitter lead-generating plan, it's crucial that you conduct a brief study.

5. Optimize your posting schedule

Making sure the audience you wish to target sees your tweets is essential to succeeding at lead generation on Twitter. Therefore, you should tweet while they are online since they are more likely to respond.

You can use Hubspot's suggestions for the best times to publish on Twitter as a starting point. According to Hubspot, Wednesday is the greatest day to reach B2B users on Twitter. If your target audience is consumers, the best days to post on Twitter are the weekends.

twitter post sharing schedule

The advice provided by Hubspot is a fantastic place to start. However, if you've been active on Twitter for a while, you can start using actual follower data, which is always preferable to a general Twitter marketing strategy. Based on it, you can:

  • When possible, manually post Twitter updates.
  • For automated publishing, include it in a social media sharing tool. 

6. Grow Followers On-Site

Increasing your following count on Twitter is helpful if you want to create leads. And since your website's users are there because they are interested in your company and your information, it is one of the ideal locations to request followers.

  • Delay your popup till people have looked at a few pages to give them a chance to engage with your material.
  • Since you already know that users of Twitter have come to your website via Twitter, utilize referrer detection to display them in your pop-up.
  • Utilize technology to pique visitors' attention by displaying your Twitter follow pop-up as they prepare to depart your website.

7. Pin Your Tweets

Here's a quick trick to increase the exposure of your content so it can get more Twitter followers: Tweets may be pinned to your profile. When someone searches for you on Twitter, they will see your pinned tweets since they are shown at the top of your profile.

It is advised to promote your tweet that connects to a home page with a lead magnet opt-in form or to a gated piece of content in order to generate the maximum leads. By doing this, you may turn your Twitter followers into leads by providing your target audience with good information in return for their email address.

You can pin one tweet at a time. Here is the procedure:

  • Click on your name after logging into Twitter and choosing the Profile link. This will open the page containing all of your tweets.
  • Click the dropdown arrow to the right of any tweet to access the menu. A menu will appear.
  • To pin a page to your profile, click the link. You'll receive a message of confirmation.
  • The tweet you've pinned will show up at the top of your profile when you confirm.

By selecting the right arrow to open the dropdown menu, you can unpin a tweet at any moment.

8. Explore Twitter Influencers with Klear

Utilizing Twitter influencers is another strategy to broaden your audience and increase your lead generation on Twitter. Influencer marketing is a fantastic approach to spread the word about your company for increased lead generation, as we stated in our post on Twitter marketing services.

Klier tool for twitter

For instance, the marketing firm Clever promoted their Rescue Remedy campaign via influencer marketing on Twitter. The sponsored hashtag was a hot subject on Twitter throughout the campaign. Therefore, where do you look for Twitter influencers? The tool Klear is helpful for achieving such. You must register in order to access the free basic plan.

You may make your own influencer lists inside the app with a premium Klear membership. Additionally, Klear keeps track of information for pages on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

9. Be Participative in Twitter Chats

Participating in Twitter conversations is a fantastic approach to growing your network while utilizing Twitter for lead generation. While you may participate in Twitter conversations directly on Twitter, using a Twitter chat app is far more convenient. This is so that you can quickly distinguish tweets from chat hosts and invited visitors and only view tweets that are relevant to the issue at hand. TwChat is a well-liked tool for tracking Twitter discussions.

So, where do you look for Twitter conversations to join? Start by using Twubs or Tweet Reports. Additionally, you may start your own Twitter conversation to generate leads if you have a sizable, active audience on Twitter.

10. Know who you are talking to

It is crucial to comprehend your audience while using Twitter to generate leads. That's because you will be able to advertise to them more successfully if you understand your Twitter buyer personas.

 16% of internet users aged 16-64 use Twitter for brand research

Twitter analytics make it simple to find this data. Click on your profile image and choose Analytics from the drop-down menu to access Twitter's analytics feature. You may also put analytics.twitter.com straight into the browser's address bar to go there.

To obtain information about tweet impressions and other topics, use the links in the navigation bar. One of the most crucial menu options for lead generation is audience since it gives you a general idea of your Twitter audience. Additionally, you may view data for all Twitter users, your personal followers, or your organic audience (which may include non-followers) by using the selection next to your profile picture.

To compare two sets of data, such as your followers and your organic audience, click Add comparison audience. With a more complete understanding of your audience, you can offer the material that will most likely pique their interest and persuade them to click through for additional details. Gaining and maintaining their attention can help you produce more leads.

11. Use Twitter Ads

If you want to advertise your business or a particular product, ads might be a helpful medium. There are various ways to advertise your company. Regular tweets are confined to the individuals who are following you, but promoted tweets are visible to everyone. Users will be aware that the tweet is a promotional one even though they can retweet it and comment on it as normal.

twitter ads

If the video is less than 60 seconds, it loops when included in promoted tweets. You must pay a fee to get the additional functionalities that promoted advertising enables you to display your content to targeted users.

Also, if advertising each individual piece of content seems difficult to you, Twitter can help your entire company. Your target audience might consider your account a suggestion to follow through with paid social media advertising services. Don't stress over it. They will undoubtedly follow you and take your lead if your service or product captures their attention.

Twitter Generation Cards = Boosting of Mailing List! How?

We saw that Adii began interacting with his followers using Twitter's Lead Generation Cards in 2014, and we wondered if this signup tactic led to a massive increase in new signups.

When we contacted Adii to inquire about how he was using this strategy to market his blog, "Making New Mistakes," he instantly acknowledged that he had taken the concept from Ryan Hoover.

Ryan demonstrated how to construct Lead Generation Cards, which can be connected to any tweet, provided you use Twitter and have a Twitter Ads account. To increase the number of new signups from your followers, these Cards may also contain an email subscription form.

Wrapping up!

Twitter may appear to be a quick-moving social networking site that is challenging to use, but it is still worthwhile exploring. Really though, a Twitter campaign is worthwhile. Twitter lead generation cards have actually been useful in demonstrating how social media makes a significant difference in marketing. Your Twitter lead-generating template has a lot of room to grow with millions of daily active users.

social media marketing services cta

You may advertise a new product, start a marketing campaign, target a certain demographic, and generate Twitter leads with the aid of a Twitter advertising agency like RiseSocially. As the full service digital marketing company in India, we can assist you to increase traffic, leads, and revenues for your organization or business.


Asking the right questions will help you determine whether a lead is qualified. Decide if your lead is a decision-maker and if the consumer fits the demographics for your goods. An initial cold call, a sales presentation, or both might qualify prospects.

You will require a Twitter Ads account in order to create a Lead Generation Card. Open an account, read about the Lead Generation Card, and then discover how to make your Cards.

Twitter offered lead-generating cards back in 2013. With its launch, companies had a better opportunity to interact with their target market and turn followers into paying consumers. Social networking is still regarded as one of the most effective strategies for generating leads today.

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