11 Video Marketing Trends to Boost Revenue in 2023

video marketing benefits and trend guide

Nowadays, businesses that want to make a quick and lasting connection with their clients and consumers use video marketing as their primary method of communication. So, if you haven't yet switched to video marketing, it is the right time to understand the need.

But first, it is essential to understand if this trend will continue to pay off in the future and recognize the immediate advantages. What's the situation now, and how does it affect what we may expect for business video marketing in the future?

Well, video marketing is one of the marketing trends that has grown the quickest in recent years. As per data, about 244.4 million individuals viewed digital videos in 2020, a blatant 3.2% rise since the previous year.

Due to the increasing engagement of video, small company owners are also efficiently reaching their target audience by using video as a marketing strategy. Furthermore, studies show that four out of ten internet consumers view videos from businesses they are considering purchasing from. These facts indicate that it is time to leverage video marketing to reach your customers.  

So, how can you do it for your brand campaign?

The main video marketing trends for 2023 will be discussed in this article, along with tips on how small businesses may utilize them to connect with their target market. But first, let us understand the concept of Video Marketing.

What Is Video Marketing?

Using videos to advertise and educate people about your goods or services is known as video marketing. It enlightens your audience, increases engagement on your digital and social platforms, and gives you a new way to connect with them.

As it can also take the shape of webinars, courses, live videos, or self-hosted films, video is often broadcast on either YouTube or a social network. Furthermore, when used effectively, video can be a potent tool for brands to communicate their messages to a broad audience. Both B2C and B2B content strategies can use it.

Why Is The Use Of Video Marketing A Must?

statistical data to show the importance of video marketing

The use of video in marketing is becoming increasingly popular among companies of all kinds, including startups and small enterprises.

Renderforest Survey revealed that videos helped the business with the following:

  • 70% brand awareness
  • 51% more traffic
  • 34% more sales

Isn't the outcome just excellent?

Their ability to reasonably interact with clients and prospects on several platforms is the secret to their success. Thus, videos are being used more and more by small businesses like yours to attract, convert, and retain new clients successfully.

Why Is Video Advertising On The Internet So Successful?

reasons for video marketing being a successful campaign

Video is a powerful narrative tool. As visuals entice the brain, it enhances our desire to watch them. As per research, the brain processes visuals 60,000 times quicker than words. Furthermore, while humans can only digest five words per second with an average attention span of eight seconds, video serves better than text content. They wrap all the information under the most intriguing approach. Thus, the application of video marketing is becoming more and more popular.

With the help of video marketing, you can ensure that there are:

  • Possibility of channel-hopping with video advertising content
  • Increase in audience reach by including all channels
  • Increase in frequency with cross-channel retargeting
  • Better scope of measuring with tracking accuracy

What Are The Benefits Of Video Marketing?

Given the enormous demand for video, providing the appropriate content through the proper channels is an excellent approach to standing out in the crowded internet space. Although there is fierce competition for viral videos, you never know when this phenomenon may highlight the advantages of video marketing. 

Here are the benefits of video marketing for business:

Boosts Conversion Rates

Since adding a video on a landing page may raise conversions by 80%, it is an investment. In contrast to reading the same content alone, seeing an engaging presenter in a video may definitely affect buying behaviour and convince a visitor to convert into a lead

A strong sales tactic is to use video to convey the proper emotions! Plus, depending on the viewpoint you're going for, they can act as built-in lessons or references.

Great Additions To Email Marketing Campaigns

Everyone receives a ton of emails. Therefore, it becomes increasingly difficult to convince someone to really open your message. Your subject line's ability to include "video" alone can boost open rates while lowering unsubscribe rates.

An email with video increases click-through rates by 200–300%, which is a startling fact. But you can't dispute that, in most situations, watching a video is more straightforward than reading a book. This works exceptionally well if you're explaining how to utilize your product or conveying a message that might be difficult to get well in writing.

Enhances SEO

Search engines want information that holds readers' attention. Nothing draws more visitors and keeps them on the website longer than a video. This is why YouTube is also the second-largest search engine behind Google.

Your exposure and likelihood of appearing in searches are significantly boosted if you upload your video to both YouTube and your website. Furthermore, your chances of being discovered skyrocket if you promote your video on social media!

Builds Trust And Credibility

To engage your audience and gain their trust, video is the ideal medium for giving your business and brand a personality. 90% of users claim that seeing product videos helps them make decisions. Furthermore, you will strengthen that base of trust as you add more videos to enlighten and educate your audience. Additionally, trust results in sales.

Encourages Social Shares 

Today, social media shares are a lucrative option for brands. This is due to the fact that social media shares directly indicate which messages, campaigns, and images engage your audience the most. On the flip side, a lack of social shares is frequently indicative of a poor content strategy. In this era of viral videos, 92% of mobile video users send videos to others. Thus, videos allow you to show off your company's values while having fun.

In a nutshell, everyone should embrace video since it is no longer only for major corporations. But how can you do it? What practices should you inculcate? 

Here are the top video marketing trends with benefits that you can utilize in 2023!

Top Video Marketing Trends With Benefits For 2023

1. Enhance Customer Interactions With Live Videos

Businesses may use live video on popular social media sites to interact with their target audience in real-time. Businesses may use live video to:

  • Show off live events to your audience
  • Show your audience how a product or service was developed.
  • Interview influential thinkers and business executives
  • Share some of the business operations' behind-the-scenes footage.
  • Inform the audience on the proper usage of particular goods and services
  • Deliver a Q&A session to address your audience’s questions.

Brands may develop and improve their consumer interactions through live videos. It differs from other video marketing formats due to its exclusivity.

2. High Brand Impressions Via Over-the-Top (OTT) Video Ads

There appears to be a new streaming service launching every month, and users are flocking to them in what many refer to as the "golden era of TV" right now. A wealth of stuff is available right now, making it an incredible moment to be a watcher.

Due to its comparatively captive audience, streaming, or over-the-top (OTT) video Ads offer benefits over social media and other internet videos. The likelihood of a brand impression is higher when audiences have to go through your advertisement to get the content they want. Streaming advertisements perform best when they are original, concise, and professionally made.

3. Gain Customer Trust Using Behind-The-Scenes Videos

Behind-The-Scenes videos provide viewers with a behind the story look at your company's operations. A BTS video can be used for a wide range of purposes, including:

  • Give your followers a glimpse at the everyday business activity around you by conducting various interviews with team members.
  • Share the project and even the production planning process
  • The history of your brand
  • Describe a few of the difficulties the company has.

Some marketers worry that BTS may give your company a less-than-professional appearance, but the reverse is really true. Customers value authenticity, so showcasing the people and procedures that go into creating your brand may make it more approachable, pleasant, and engaging.

4. Enjoy A Competitive Advantage with Silent Videos

Nowadays, most people use their phones to digest content, often with the sound off. In fact, watching videos with sound or without subtitles might be upsetting or unsettling. Smart businesses are making movies that already have captions, simply utilize on-screen text, or use a hybrid of the two in light of this. It adapts to how your audience consumes content and ensures that they understand your message whether or not the sound is on. 

Silent media, however, has advantages beyond social media. A conference, trade expo, or event is another ideal setting for video without sound. A quiet but aesthetically striking film can help bring a crowd to your business in a crowded, noisy environment, providing you with a competitive advantage.

5. User-Generated Content Bump Up Conversions

user generated content

Especially with new brands, individuals tend to trust other people more than brands. User-generated video content marketing is a trend that isn't going away anytime soon, or perhaps ever, especially when you consider the unlimited quantity of information published on the internet daily. 

Brand partners are at the top of the list of the numerous ways in which brands may interact in this fashion. You may use someone with the knowledge, a platform, and a network to reach your audience rather than attempting to build an organic community or platform on your own.

6. Build Strong Relationships Via Social Media Stories

Whether it is stories on Instagram, Snapchat, or Facebook, videos that only have 24-hour shelf life are great investments. Depending on the platform you select, most video editors let you resize the movies. As a result, publishing your video material with only one click is simple. 

Nearly 5 billion people use social media in total. You must use every medium at your disposal to engage with your audience if you want to expand in 2023. It implies you have an excellent opportunity to connect with 5 billion individuals. An expansion in your social media audience translates into increased sales and revenue.

7. Creates Lasting Impression With Atomizing Videos

You can do more with your video material if you atomize it. It entails adapting the same video content to fit several platforms and channels. Your video clip can be transformed into the following:

  • Publish the audio as a podcast.
  • A blog post after some editing and transcription
  • Snapchat, TikTok, Facebook Stories, and Instagram Stories short videos
  • Key points highlighted in a carousel post
  • A trailer that links people to the primary video

Marketers can save money, time, and effort by creating one video and using it to create other forms of content for various platforms rather than starting from scratch.

8. Educational Videos Direct Towards Customer Loyalty

Videos that explain how your products and services are utilized and how they may benefit your audience and potential clients. Videos offer a visual experience that is interesting, engaging, and informative better than text.

Before beginning to film your informative video, follow this:

  • Plan the scope and the information to be shared.
  • If you're making an animated how-to video, write the script. The direction of a video screenplay can also help a live-action how-to.
  • Focus the video on only one product or service.

Determine prospects’ most pressing inquiries regarding the good or service, then answer them in your instructional video.

9. Climb Higher Using Search Optimized Videos (Video SEO)

Even though video SEO has been around for a long, it just lately gained popularity as more businesses realized the advantages of video marketing. Specifically, Video SEO, which focuses on optimizing YouTube videos for search engines, is one of the most important video marketing trends today. You may use the advice below to achieve the most outstanding results from your optimized videos:

  • Depending on your company goals, choose the right hosting site for your videos.
  • Produce engaging video material for your audience that benefits them.
  • Publishing regularly
  • In the video’s title, tags, and description, use important keywords.
  • As movie thumbnails, use high-quality photos rather than standardized templates.
  • Every video you produce should have a transcript uploaded.
  • Use powerful CTAs (calls to action)

However, do not post the same video on many pages of your website. It has a destructive impact on SEO. Use social media to increase traffic to videos on your website or preferred hosting service.

10. 360-Degree Video Boosts Interactions

Giving clients a visual depiction of what your brand has to offer is easy with videos. Videos, instead of still images, let consumers see a product or service in action. However, you might choose a little more comprehensive, like 360-degree movies, if you want to display your goods and services.

These videos have a more significant say over how your consumers perceive a good or service. Additionally, they believe that seeing this kind of film would allow them to "demo a product" before making a purchase. This explains why 98% of customers claim 360-degree films are more entertaining than other video formats. Additionally, 360-degree videos have a completion rate of +46% compared to standard videos and a click-through rate of +300% higher.

11. Adds A Personal Touch Using Vlogging 

Vlogs are perhaps one of the most common types of online video material that internet users watch. As per the data by Vlogging Pro, almost 44% of Internet users view vlogs each month.

Most of the time, people use vlogs, or video blogs, to capture daily life, share their knowledge, highlight their abilities, or express themselves. In recent years, celebrities and micro-influencers have used this to engage with their fan bases. In a similar vein, several companies have started to do the same. A well-thought-out vlog with high-quality video material can also add value to your YouTube marketing strategy to attract vital visitors.

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Wrapping Up!

The use of video content has been around for a while, but video marketers have just brought it back. Not long ago, only movie theatres and television studios could use video material since it was too expensive for most companies to use. 

However, video communication with customers is now more accessible with the advent of technology. Anyone can promote via video, and this technology is becoming more significant. Even though it isn't the only marketing strategy you should use, it may help your business grow and attract new clients. 

Furthermore, an online video marketing strategy is a great way to expand your audience and stand out, especially when integrated with your social media marketing plan.


If a viewer has viewed your brand video within the past 30 days, more than 80% of them will remember it. As a result of their visual and aural nature, videos are more memorable to your target audience than written content on your website.

The approach used by marketing teams to produce, curate, and use videos for advertising their goods or services to their target market is known as video marketing. The goal is to maintain audience engagement with the company in an approachable and understandable manner.

The seven steps to creating a successful video marketing strategy include planning your objectives, maintaining a performance metrics log, assembling your data, and creating your video categories. It also takes care of SEO.

Customers can readily grasp your product or service after seeing a video advertisement. This helps to grow revenue and attract new clients while also raising customer satisfaction levels. Videos are condensed, simple to understand, and frequently amusing.

On average, a video marketing agency charges $1,200 for a simple movie to $50,000 for a quality film, compared to less than $5,000 for in-house solutions.

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