Website Design Cost 2024: How Much You Need To Invest?

A detailed guide on website design cost and pricing

A website with insufficient functionality, slow page loading time, poor site navigation, and limited accessibility is enough to cause a company's reputation to dwindle among customers. Today, every company works hard to have a favorable online presence via a website.

Why? It is because the brand's website serves as the initial point of contact.

That’s why it is always recommended to explore the different components that would aesthetically enhance the attractiveness of your website in your customer’s eyes.

As a result, investing in dynamic web design and development or availing the custom web design services in India has become critical for any organization.

However, website design and development may appear connected, but they are not. Website development is concerned with the actual functionality of the online project. Really? Yes!

Let us get started with how they are different before delving into learning more about the cost of web designing.

Web Designing vs. Website Development

difference between web design and web development

Web design refers to the techniques necessary to create a website's front end. It is the component that a web page visitor sees, aesthetically appealing and intelligible. Web designers ensure that the site seems simple and clean and that users intuitively understand how to engage with it.

On the other hand, web development is concerned with the programming that goes on behind the scenes to make a website function. While a web designer may construct a button, a web developer guarantees that something occurs when the button is clicked. Web developers may concentrate on the website’s front or back end or both.

Interesting Market Facts About The Cost Of Website Design

impact of website design in marketing

● A basic informational or small business website design with 8-16 pages can cost somewhere between $2,000 and $9,000.

● Making an eCommerce website with 100-1000 products is the most demanding solution, with a price range between $5,000 to $55,000.

● Larger and more complex database-driven websites with 20-2000 pages will cost something from $6,000 to $75,000 or more.

Factors Defining The Average Cost Of A Website Design/Redesign

list of factors that affects a website design cost

Since 75% of visitors estimate a company's legitimacy based on the design of its website, an investment in a better site nearly always pays off. However, the issue is determining the best web design pricing for your budget.

In this guide, we will discuss website design services pricing. But before that, let us look at the factors influencing the overall cost.

1. Customization

A website should be as distinct as the company itself. Though a template web design can be utilized to create a site, all other aspects must be chosen wisely to offer a unique look and identity to the business. Unfortunately, most layouts do not allow for such a level of personalization free of cost. Companies have to incur web design charges and costs can get varied as per the count of elements to be added to the design. It will guarantee that customers not only visit the site but also stay longer with better chances of conversion from the website.

2. Mobile Friendliness

Example of a responsive and mobile friendly website design

Nowadays, web functionality is everything, and people utilize smartphones more than desktops and laptops. However, they still use other devices to access information, products, and services. As a result, your customers must be able to move seamlessly from one device to another while obtaining the same information. All you need is a team of web design professionals to get a web design cost estimate and who are ready to make efforts to guarantee that a site is accessible to all devices. This is known as responsive design, which ensures that the site is suited to the device’s screen being visited.

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3. Navigation

Undoubtedly, site users always want to navigate effortlessly from one region of a site to another, and all thanks to the site navigation. In fact, people's attention spans are very short, and they will search elsewhere if they are still waiting to discover the information they want. Thereby, the web construction process should always incorporate a unique plan for building site navigation, so users can quickly and easily locate what they are looking for. But inculcation of such an element does become part of the web design budget.

4. Features & Complexity

A business website with static features without any animation and little to no hover effects on your "CTA" buttons will almost certainly be less expensive than another website with dynamic features on an animated image with hyperlink hover effects. Doesn't it sound complicated?

That's why the big bucks exist!

Furthermore, a custom website design with all customized features gives you greater brand control adding more to the cost as it must be done from scratch. On the contrary, a website with CTA buttons that have simple functionality in design could be a major headache when it comes to development. It's no surprise that features and complexity are essential in determining the average cost of website design for small businesses or other businesses.

Do You Have An Idea About Your Website Design Charges?

Now that we have created some context for designing your website, let us go through each option individually:

1. Making Your Own Website Design

Price range: $0 – $500

WordPress ($7 – $59 / month), Wix ($23 – $500 / month), Squarespace ($16 – $54 / month), Weebly ($0 – $26 / month), and GoDaddy ($6.99 – $14.99 / month) are ushering in a new era of DIY web design. It allows anybody to construct and run their own site for minimal web design cost estimate. These platforms provide a diverse selection of website templates created and developed by industry specialists.

The first decision you must make is which website platform to utilize. Since these sites are intended for consumers with little or no prior design experience, their usability is centered on simplicity, frequently with drag-and-drop capability. Inexperience with design should not prevent you from using one of these sites. However, if you require sophisticated design approaches, you should consider your own personal time commitment to studying and learning.

Most of these sites are built around template components, pre-existing themes, and add-ons. You can select one of a series of pre-sets or download the specific choices and features you need. The disadvantage is that there are fewer customizing choices. Templates might restrict creativity if you have unique or original ideas.

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2. Hiring A Freelancer

Price range: $500 – $5,000+

Hiring a freelancer, the most frequent option for web design strikes a balance between website design package prices and end-product quality. It's also a safe haven between doing everything yourself and doing nothing at all. Employing a freelancer is more like collaborating than outsourcing. You or someone on your team must act as a liaison and explain your company's goal to have the best design experience with affordable freelance web design rates.

You may sometimes engage a designer who is also a developer for the entire package. But you should consult with your designer to see what services they provide. The cost of a freelance web designer varies based on the workload and the designer's skill level. Keep in mind, however, that if you require more upkeep than usual, consider employing an in-house designer. Freelancers better serve most sites. However, a small percentage of sites will require continual maintenance and revision.

3. Hiring An Agency

Price range: $3,000 and above

Hiring an agency to develop and design your site provides the whole package but at the expense of web design agency pricing, which may go into the six figures. The extra money is spent on perks in addition to basic design skills. The benefit of working with an agency is that an entire team works for you rather than a single individual. That implies you have a distinct visual designer, UX designer, content writer, SEO expert, developer, and so forth. This method produces more comprehensive results than an individual managing everything.

The other significant advantage of using an agency is that once you sign them on for the project, your job is almost done. You may still monitor their progress and provide feedback, but you won't be burdened with day-to-day tasks or minor setbacks. However, if you're considering employing a design firm, you should always specify your required duties first. It will help you to decide whether the high cost is warranted and seek the best.

How Can Your Business Save Money On Web Design?

Use Existing Template

Using a theme saves or eliminates the time required for a designer or web developer to create the appearance of a website, lowering project expenses. There are dozens of web design firms that have built website templates for all sorts of businesses, particularly for the most popular platforms.

Repurpose Your Existing Content

If your business has been operating for a long time, you most likely already have a website. It may be out of current, not mobile optimized, or work on a server, but it still provides valuable material. Repurposing existing material and content may save significant web design charges and effort. It's remarkable how a new website design can revitalize old material.

Conduct Detailed Research

Look for samples of other websites that either work or are attractively presented in a way you enjoy. Offering your web design inspiration and ideas helps define the scope of your endeavor and enlightens you on what goes over budget and what is easy.

Reduce The Pages Count On Your Site

Every page you create requires time, and time equals money. Even if the page is secondary or tertiary, you must still create material, pick pictures, and populate the page. Consider limiting the number of pages on your site to only the most crucial ones while designing its structure.

Use Free Stock Photography Or Existing Images

Another way to save money on web design costs without jeopardizing your brand is to buy stock photos or seek out students or professional photographers ready to do some trade work. In either case, having a library of professional, high-resolution photographs will save you money over having your site designer purchase or capture them yourself.

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We have gone over the expenses of creating a website, from utilizing a website builder to paying a professional designer to do it for you. Hopefully, you now better understand which option is ideal for you and which fits your budget.

Note that determining the cost of a website is about more than simply money. It's also about your other resources, such as time, technology, and design abilities. If you have plenty of time, you can acquire new talents, but if you're short on time and money, you can outsource the task to a professional.


It is difficult to estimate the website design cost because several criteria, including the number of pages, design complexity, development, number of integrations, and others, determine it.

The average cost to develop a contemporary, professional small company website requires $5,000 – $10,000 based on the number of pages on the site and the degree of customization necessary.

It takes 150 to 500 hours to create a website which will be divided into phases if you hire a technical partner to construct your website.

Although there are several methods for creating a website, we prefer utilising a website builder or WordPress as the fastest.

The cost of content will vary significantly based on the size of your site, the amount of information, and the degree of expertise required. You may expect to pay anything from a few hundred to thousands of dollars for the perfect content for your website.

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